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Travel Insurance

The thought of being charged £1000’s just for leaving travel insurance on your list of things to do is…

…scary, to keep it short and sweet to the point.

Here’s what’s gonna go down:

I will provide all the information you need to find the right travel insurance plan for you in no more than 10 minutes.

Sound good?

Let’s get it started:


Before you consider any type of travel insurance, you must take some precautions to ensure you choose the right one!

It is easy, I promise!

  • You may already be covered:

Many bank accounts that charge a monthly fee offer a few handy benefits; one of which often travels insurance.

If you believe you apply to this, check your bank account’s terms to see if it applies to your trip. It takes two minutes!

  • Pre-trip illnesses:

If you have booked your holiday in advance and have left buying travel insurance in the ‘back burner’ as your holiday isn’t for another 8 months, you’re doing it wrong!

You should buy your travel insurance immediately after booking your holiday as anything can happen regarding your health in the space between now and your holiday. Purchasing the insurance immediately after will allow you to be covered for any issues that may occur before your trip AND cover you for any cancellations.

Different insurance companies vary their terms slightly, so be sure to check them out.

A small add-on to this point is to ensure all medical conditions are declared when you purchase your travel insurance. This is due to travel insurance claims being rejected as people’s medical conditions were not clearly declared when the travel insurance was purchased.

Still with me? Cool!

  • Group Plans

If you are travelling in a group or with a family, you should double check the group/family plan equates to less than if you bought your insurance individually.

These companies can be cheeky at times!

An example for clarity: 

A couple both aged 40 may purchase a worldwide annual plan with winter sport cover for both for £82, but purchasing two individual plans with the same coverage may cost £46 each which equates to more. This would be a scenario where they would choose the shared plan.

  • Avoid Paying Unnecessary Fees

Companies gain everything from scaring you into purchasing higher level plans for more money.

An example may be that a company offers a ‘Platinum Plan’ that covers you for £10m in medical expenses. You will want to stay away from these sort of policies as the average cost for a medical travel insurance claim in 2013 was £930! 

Be instinctive guys! 

Just to quickly mention, you are also likely to pay a lot more if you purchase travel insurance through travel agencies or airlines. 

  • For all of you alcohol lovers (all of you?!)

 If you have had even just one alcoholic drink and lose an item or have an accident, your insurance usually won’t cover you!

Companies range in their T&C’s. Some may state they won’t cover you if alcohol has affected your decision-making ability and some may be more accurate and state they won’t cover you if you have had four or more pints.

We all have different alcohol tolerances so one drink may invalidate a claim.

Be careful when drinking… if you are on a skiing holiday, ensure you drink after hitting the slope!

  • Staycation

It can be unclear whether you need travel insurance when travelling in your home country. You should weigh up the pros and cons.

Some plans may state that they will only cover you if you have booked accommodation.

There are more restrictions:

Some companies may state that they will only cover you if you are more than 25 miles away from home and have crossed a sea to get to your destination. Some may only cover you if your holiday lasts longer than 3 days.

Let’s put this in an easy way… you should always check your terms and conditions for coverage when going on a staycation.

  • Check For Your Best Suited Policy

This brings us to our next section: Types of Plans.

Read on to understand what policy best suits you!

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