A Complete Guide For Car Rental in Bangkok – Thailand

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If you want to enjoy Road trip with good music on the stereo and snacks, then you should plan before visiting Bangkok. Getting around by foot or relying on public transport can become a burden. Instead, hire cheap car in Bangkok by Online so that you could not miss the chance to see some of your favorite places.There are many tourist places to see in Bangkok like beautiful beach along the seaside, national parks, hot springs, and waterfalls up in the mountains.

Bangkok Best Travel Guide Book – Thailand

In Thailand roads are excellent, and outstanding charts and GPS are available. People from other country are permitted to drive in Thailand and also have been issued an worldwide driving license. In practice, we talk about car rental companies, they don’t seem very concerned if your license is international or not. In Thailand Driving seat are on left side like Britain, Australia and Japan.

If you follow companies in Bangkok, they have good reputations and affordable prices. Remember that most car rental companies demand either a credit card or hefty cash deposit, although some of the smaller operators do not. Make sure that local insurance is included in the price, as most overseas auto insurance is not valid in Thailand.

Cat Rental sites are: Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport; downtown Bangkok; Chiang Mai Airport; downtown Chiang Mai; Udon Thani Airport; Khon Kaen Airport; Pattaya downtown Outlet Mall; Hua Hin downtown Villa Market; Opposite Samui Airport; Khao lak downtown Palm Galleria Hotel; Krabi downtown Maritime Park & Spa Resort; Phuket International Airport.

What to do if you get stopped by the police: People here will give you different advice about the way to deal with the police. Mine is simple: be nice, but be firm, and try to assess the situation correctly. More –

Numbers to call in case of emergency:


Police and general emergency call – 191

Medical emergency call – 1669
Fire – 199
Tourist Police – 1155
Highway Police – 1193
Ambulance and Rescue – 1554
Crime suppression – 1195
National Disaster Warning Centre – 1860 or 192
Tourist Information Inquiry – 1672

Other Useful Numbers:

The other numbers you should have at hand include your insurance call number, and any relatives, friends or neighbours that would be able to help you in case of trouble.

What to do if you witness an accident
Should I stop or not?


Be prepared in case you get into a car accident. It happens to us all. To best handle this always unexpected situation, check out these tips from Here

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