Must-Have Gear for Hiking and Camping

Must-Have Gear for Hiking and Camping

Did you know that Northern Thailand is a dream destination for trekking? If you want to experience an adventurous journey through the pristine forest and mountainous regions this Southeast Asian country has a lot to offer. Thailand is more than just the warm tropical waters and the heavenly beaches.

Are you headed out on a hiking or camping trip in Thailand? If “yes”, then there are must-have gear to carry along. While some are absolute necessities, others may only be required during an emergency. After all, a lot could go wrong even on a well-planned trip. The following are must-have gear for camping and hiking:

  1. Hiking Shoes or Boots 

Doi Inthanon, the highest point in Thailand with an altitude of 2,565 meters, can be a moderate to tough trek depending on your experience. This will include a lot of walking. So, you need some good quality hiking shoes which are lightweight, comfortable, and durable. With that, your feet will remain comfortable whenever you have to do some walking. The shoes should be good enough for use in all kinds of terrains.

  1. Tent 

Hiking and camping involve trekking through the high mountains and jungles. Countries like Thailand offer several elevated landscapes, which are very well-known for hiking. Some of the most popular ones are found in the Chiang Mai province which is Baan Pha Dang Trek, Muang Kurt to Huay Kukap Trek and Lisu Tribe Trek. Hiking and camping involve going out to the outdoors. But that does not mean you sleep in the open. A tent is surely a must-need item to protect you from harsh weathers in such remote areas.  A tent will keep away the elements including wind, rain, and sunshine. It can also protect you from wild animals, you may never know.

The size of the tent you buy depends on the number of people to use it. Choose carefully.

  1. Sleeping Pad and Sleeping Bag

While out camping or hiking, you need somewhere comfortable to sleep. That could be a sleeping pad or sleeping bag. The best form of sleeping equipment is those which are self-inflatable. No need for a cot or hammock. Buy a long-lasting sleeping pad, even if it is expensive. You will need it on future trips. Simply place the sleeping pad on a roof rack and you are good to go. If you happen to have Volkswagen Amarok, you can even find specially designed Amarok Roof Racks.

  1. Stove, Fuel, and Cooking Utensils

On a camping site, you cannot expect to get restaurant food. You need a stove and fuel. Where possible carry a gas grill, matches or a fire-starter fluid. As for the cooking utensils, carry a spatula, tongs, knife, cutting board, and cooking pots.

  1. First aid kit 

Thailand is also home for some poisonous snakes, scorpions, centipedes, and jellyfish. This is not to scare you! Since you are going into the jungle, you need arrangements in case if you have an encounter with such unwary visitors. So, to at least get the first-line treatment for minor as well as major injuries, first aid kit is essential.

A first aid kit is essential in providing first-line treatment for minor as well as major injuries. You may either buy a mini or full-sized first aid kit. It all depends on your camping needs and the length of stay. If you expect a short stay, a mini kit will do just fine.

  1. Extra Food

You will need food on your camping and hiking trip. Carry enough foodstuffs to take care of everyone in your party. To avoid running out of food, carry extra amounts. Hiking involves a lot of physical exertion and you must cater to all nutritional needs. Carry carbohydrates, protein, fats, and vitamin supplements. To relax at the end of the day, you pack Bird Dog Whiskey. Foods to carry include pre-cooked meats, hard cheese, vegetables, fruits, bread, smoked sausages, canned foods, pasta, and eggs.

  1. Water Purifier 

Khao Yai National Park, a two-hour drive from Bangkok, offers a spectacular view of wildlife and waterfalls. This national park has a river and a lake nearby. So, you need not have to worry about water. But you will need a water purifier.

They say water is life. Due to the physical nature of hiking, you are going to be sweating a lot. Thus you must find a way to replenish water lost from sweating. You might get dehydrated if you don’t drink enough water at regular intervals. Remember to carry a good quality portable water purifier, since you are not sure if you will come across any reliable water source at the camping venue.

  1. Extra Clothes

It can get really cold when you are out camping. In addition to the clothes you are wearing, carry garments to keep you warm. That includes knitted headgear, darned cushion socks, lucent heated gloves, thermal pants, an all-weather jacket, insulated parka, micro-fiber towel, and so on. Since you will not be doing any washing, carry extra pants, shirts, and underwear.

  1. Emergency and Hygiene Supplies

Some items only come in handy when there is an emergency. These include headlamps, flashlights, duct tape, bugs spray, and sunscreen. Carry extra batteries for the flashlights.

  1. Navigation Equipment

Since you are going to a totally new place, you need navigation equipment to find direction. Get a compass, map, satellite messenger, personal beacon locator, altimeter, and GPS device. Nowadays, you can use your phone as a GPS device. Using Google Maps, it will be very easy for you to get direction to where you are going.


Hiking and camping are not just about surviving, it is about living. That’s why the items listed above are a must. If you are carrying a bike, make sure you carry the essential bike parts as well, just in case it develops mechanical problems.

Your trekking trails in Thailand can be easy, moderate or extreme. If you are looking for other exciting options to explore the country, here are a few of them you could include in the list- cycling tours, zip lining, and get scuba certification. For some relaxing experience and to understand their culture, you can pay a visit to Ayuthaya, a world heritage site known for its Buddhist temples, monasteries, and statues. Or stroll through the Chiang Mai night bazaar after a tiring day of trekking. Don’t forget to do island hopping and grab some best deals in this prominent shopping destination.

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