The World’s Best Travel Apps for Iphone and Android

Don’t leave home without downloading these useful smartphone apps.

There are lots of great travel apps available in iTunes and Google Play Store for those who want to be safe and secure during travel.

Note : All of these applications are available on both Android and iPhone operating systems and some of them are paid and free to download. Let’s take a look…

Get Free (or Cheap) Wi-Fi Worldwide : When you’re desperate for Internet access, 1 Free Wi-Fi Finder points you to the nearest hotspot (Android, iPad, iPhone; free). Free Wi-Fi can be slow and unsafe, though, so consider renting unlimited mobile ­Wi-Fi for your next trip overseas. “” Global’s international mobile WiFi hotspot rentals offer portable, convenient internet access in over 175 countries around the world at the best price.

Google Maps : The Google Maps app for iPhone and Android makes navigating your world faster and easier. Find the best spots in town and the information you need to get there and its ability to save maps and pin locations for later use offline (using GPS) is a godsend.

New York’s Well-known Searching Districts :

WhatsApp : with WhatsApp, Instant text messaging Video, Images, and Voice notes to friends and family without racking up the roaming fees.

TripIt Travel Organizer The TripIt trip planner keeps all of your travel plans in one spot. Create a master travel itinerary, and access your itinerary planner online or on your mobile phone.

Skype WiFi : Skype WiFi is a fantastic way to browse the internet when you are in airports, hotels, coffee shops and other places across the world. Its Big advantage is that you can pay for the minutes you use with Skype Credit. No more fumbling with credit cards or long sign up processes when you’re on the move.

Below are some of the best Apps given for International Travel :

1) Converse

2) Wikitude

3) AllSubway

4) Photosynth

5) Google Goggles

6) XE Currency

7) Skyscanner

8) SeatGuru

9) Gate Guru

10) Citymapper

11) Hotel Tonight

12) IrelandGuide

13) Kayak

14) Like a Local

15) TimeOut City Guides

16) FlightTrack

17) WeatherPro

18) JetLag Genie

19) Sunscreen

20) Air Sharing

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