10 Reasons To Go On A Cruise This Summer

Cruises sound like a fun time, but are they actually all they are cracked out to be? Without a doubt, they most certainly are. Anyone you know that has gone on a cruise can vouch for the endless fun that they bring, but what’s the secret to this affordable trip?

This list will reveal why taking a cruise this summer is the best choice for your vacation time over any other form of holiday hospitality.

1.      Broke and on a Budget

Unless you have one of those infamous money trees in your back yard, we all feel the hurt of a relaxing vacation after seeing the bill. Cruises come with a lot already included, so no surprises for “additional amenities”. When you break everything down down most people pay approximately $100 for three meals, transportation, resort amenities, night life and a stateroom cabin a day. This beats out just about any land-based vacation package by leagues.

New York’s Well-known Searching Districts :

Many people dwell on the slightly overpriced drinks and gratuity at the end, but even after adding those prices on to the grand total you are still getting a vacation for a steal. Your price will be displayed for you before entering onto the boat making it easier to accept the relatively mild pain in your wallet when you have a week of pampering ahead.

2.      Feeling Good at your Finger Tips

If budget isn’t something you tend to stick by, every form of pampering you could imagine at the cruise spa is available.  Not to mention each ship will have their own specials with great deals and an even better view from the sea front spa windows.

If the spa life isn’t for you, this pampering can come in many forms. The elevator can take you right from your cabin to one of the multiple decks that are loaded with sun lounges, pools and hot tubs.

3.      Safety Ahead!

There’s a guarantee that your stay will be safe as long as you’re on the boat. While the destination itself is not under the control of the company sponsoring the cruise, you will always know you have a safe place to return to.

Some security features included on each boat include a brig for any unruly passengers and full security whose worst night would be dealing with a few tourists that had a little too much to drink at one of the many on ship bars.

4.      What jet lag?

With the slow pace and plenty of elbow room you will never have to worry about being worn out while on your trip. As an added bonus, unlike most other vacation plans, except for a trans-oceanic cruise you’ll likely not be displaced more than one or two time-zones at the most. So you don’t have to worry about your enjoyment of the amenities being sucked away by having to take time to adjust to a new time-zone.

5.      Friend’s family and more!

Cruise lines, specific ships and themed voyages will let you select exactly what kind of vacation you are looking for. Tailor it to your romantic getaway, family reunion or graduation celebration with friends.

The best part is, you can have all of those vacations in one! A cruise ship is small enough to plan a meet up, but large enough to make your way around without running into anyone you’re not ready for.

6.      Get Rid of Planning Stress.

On and off the ship there’s plenty to do! The crew plans out every day from sunup to sundown and on into the evening for days of travel. Destination adventures can be on your own or under the planning of additional excursions directed by programs partnered with your cruise line.

So never again during a vacation will you have to worry about directions, transportation and utter confusion as the resources to do just about anything is right at the concierge desk.

7.      Destinations ahoy!

Between all the major cruise lines there’s no place you can’t reach by boat. If the hot sun isn’t your cup of tea there are plenty of cruises that sail the icy waters of Alaska and Scandinavia. Each ship has a distinct location of travel and you can even research the amenities it provides ahead of time to ensure perfect days at sea along the way.

8.      Stuffed to the Brim

The all-inclusive meals and twenty four hour snack bars will have your asking your fellow travelers to roll you off the ship to your destination. Each night the menu is different to suit every set of taste buds and several styles of dining choices for all guests.

You can order as much as you want and the quality is amazing for the price! Full blown service for breakfast lunch and dinner, if you decide to attend will leave you wondering why you hadn’t gotten on a cruise sooner.

9.      Three Minute Magic

The walk back to your room never seemed so short. Cruises are meant to be easy for passengers to navigate and you can access almost every part of the ship within three minutes if you know where you’re going.

So no calling taxis, having designated drivers, or hitch hiking your way back to your room – a key card and room number will get you where you need to go.

10.   One Time Packing

Usually when going on a vacation you have make multiple stops along the way, meaning packing and unpacking at each destination. On a cruise voyage there’s no need to worry about leaving items behind after your third repack, as the ship will take you exactly where you need to go all from the comfort of one room.

When the hardest thing to do on your trip is waking up early enough to be able to enjoy the day at your brand new port destination, you know you’ve hit the jackpot.

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