Scuba Diving In The Islands Of Malta And Gozo Is Truly Amazing

With sparkling clear and mild tempered waters, the Mediterranean islands of Malta and Gozo offer some of the most superb scuba diving locations in the world, and are suitable for both experienced and beginner divers. Their diving locations are both scenic and iconic, featuring some of the most interesting and awe-inspiring ship wrecks, caves, reefs and underwater marine life that you could ever experience.

Dive Trips

Most, if not all, of the diving centres in Malta and Gozo offer daily diving trips which cater to all ages, fitness and experience levels, and are led by highly skilled and personable instructors. For those experienced divers who prefer to explore the underwater glory presented by these two iconic islands, buddies are made available upon request, as well as information on the preferred day’s weather and underwater conditions.

Each diving centre or school will supply you with diving equipment and gear that you’ll use when underwater, all of which are manufactured by different well-known brands, so you can take your pick and choose your favourite according to size, make and colour. During each dive trip will you’ll experience a completely different yet equally fascinating location featuring sights like ancient ship wrecks and hollow caves as well as caverns that led to colourful marine life. These trips often inspire a sense of inner peace and connection for many divers, which is why many of them keep coming back to the experience time and again.  

Diving Courses

Malta and Gozo are also ideal for anyone wanting to complete a full scuba diving certification to become truly proficient in the sport. In fact, you can even become an instructor, as both islands offer great scuba diving schools which are in close proximity to most major diving sites. Due to their favourable water and weather conditions, Malta and Gozo also attract some of the world’s best instructors, which makes it a great place to meet and interact with true diving experts and aficionados. In all the schools, you’ll find a wide variety of diving courses for both complete novices and experienced divers. From short programs that teach underwater breathing exercises to children and adults, to 3 day courses on the basics of scuba diving. There are also more advanced courses that enable you to further advance your scuba diving skills in order to become a fully-fledged instructor that can take his/ her skills anywhere in the world.

Some diving schools will also add sweeteners like picking you up and dropping you off at your hotel, while also assisting with assembling the gear before you arrive so that you enjoy a hassle-free dive. This type of arrangement is ideal for novice divers or tourists that want 2 to 4 day trips just to experience the underwater world with no further commitment to becoming certified or increasing their diving skills.


While under the Maltese waters, you can expect to see a world of memorable sea creatures like sea horses, starfish, octopuses and even scorpion fish; all of which are completely harmless yet endlessly mesmerizing to see in their natural habitat. Nevertheless, a lot of people worry about underwater risks like encountering dangerous fish species such as sharks and killer whales, but you’ll be glad to know that Maltese waters hardly experience accidents involving any of these creatures, as the water is clear and calm for most of the year, making it an unattractive environment for such predators.

Diving Sites

While Malta is famous for its numerous ship wrecks sites, Gozo is well-known for the Blue Hole location as well as the fascinating deep wall dives and Inland Sea dives, making both locations the diving jewels of the European continent with unique and unrivalled diving experiences. 


Whether you’re an avid or experienced diver, you’ll find that diving holiday prices in Malta and Gozo are very reasonable all year round, and Maltese diving centres offer courses that cater to both beginner and expert divers. These include PADI diving courses, which is the most recognised diving qualification in the world, and can be as advanced as qualifying you to become a fully-fledged instructor, Dive Master or both.

There are also courses that cater to children and short-term tourists. Most diving courses include diving equipment and might come with extras like hotel transfers, although you’ll most likely be required to pay a registration fee as well.

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