12 Incredible Places To Visit In Berlin

Berlin is the capital of Germany. It is situated near the River Spree. After the famous Berlin war, the city went through a lot of changes. It is now standing majestically, revealing its prosperity and modernism. People here possess an amicable nature, and believe in warm welcome of the tourists.

The city has become the most preferred destination for the tourists. Every year thousands of travelers along with their families come to visit and enjoy the historical architecture prevailing in the city. The places like Brandenburg gate and Unter den Linden stand as the major tourist attraction. There are war memorials like Kaiser Wilhelm Gedachtniskirche, which reminds you of the Second World War.


For the visitors of Berlin, it is a must to explore the night life. The whole of the city enraptures the hearts of the travel freaks and they decide to visit the city again. There are about 29 activities which the tourist can opt for when he sets foot in Berlin.

Brandenburg Gate: The Brandenburg gate was built in 18th century. It is also known as Branderburger Tor. It stands as a victorious arch for King Fredrick Wilhelm II. The entry to Berlin is done through this single gate out of the 14. It is situated in the west of Berlin city centre at Eberstrabe, Unter den Linden and facing towards Pariser Platz.

The Brandenburg gate was severely damaged during the second world wall and was left uncared when the Berlin wall was made. But, in the year 2002 this historical landmark was restructured by the Berlin monument conservation Foundation.

Now, you can have a bash at this sandstone gateway, which has become the hotspot for the New Year parties and Unification day celebrated at this place. It proudly stands as the most famous tourist attraction in the city of Berlin.

Brandenburg Gate at Twilight

Berlin Wall: It was about thirty years ago, when the wall of Berlin stood as the sign if oppression and imprisonment. But, in 2013 the few parts of the original wall stand as the most eminent tourist attractions in the world. You can visit the East side gallery, which stands in the top list of the visitors. It has over 100 paintings against the aspect of domination, by artists and is a memorable place to walk around, and a powerful piece of history to view.

The Berlin wall memorial is the last section of the original wall. It is a center for visitors, which provides a genuine and vibrant representation of life on the opposite side of the border. The center features the real photographs of heroic escape trials, the actual-live explanations from the involved people and a grand collection of various documents.


The Holocaust Memorial: Also known as the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, the Holocaust Memorial stands as a silent witness to the six million Jews who were killed in the Holocaust. This tourist attraction is situated near Brandenburg gate Berlin, and has a grid of 2,711 slabs of concrete known as stelea. They are about 2.38 meters long, 0.95 meters broad and are diverse in height from 0.2 to 4.8 meters.

You can enter into this memorial from all sides as there are no entry gates. To the southeast side of this amazing memorial is the information centre for travelers, with the name of all identified victims of the holocaust. The information is taken from Yad Vashem museum from Israel.


Checkpoint Charlie Museum: The major attraction among the tourists is the Checkpoint Charlie Museum, also known as the Mauermuseum or Haus em checkpoint Charlie. The museum got its name from the well-known crossing checkpoint between west and East Germany.

The museum bears the displays of the Berlin wall history, and the stories of people who ran away from East Germany. It also has the pictures and record narration of the persons, who successfully escaped with the equipments like getaway cars, chairlifts, hot air balloons and even a mini submarine.


Pergamon Museum: You would be amazed to see the architecture of Old Grecian, Islamic, Roman, Babylonian and Middle Eastern art amalgamated in the pergamon museum. It is one museum in Berlin that should not be missed by the tourists.

Explore the impressive architecture of the pergamon Altar, Market Gate of Miletus, Ishtar gate and the Mshatta Façade who have contributed to make the museum the top tourist attraction in Berlin.


Siegessäule: Siegessaule is an old monument with a height of sixty meters. The tourists can enjoy the spectacular view of the Berlin city center. You have to climb the 286 stairs to reach on top, as there is no elevator available in the monument, but you won’t regret it later. The statue of Victoria is placed at the top of the monument. The angels gathered here in the famous film Der Himmel uber Berlin.


Reichstag- The Parliament Building: The historical building Reichstag tops the list of the tourists. The building was basically built for the German parliament meeting. It was severely damaged in the dreadful fire in the year 1922 and was deserted. When the East and the West Berlin got united the British architect Sir Norma Foster reconstructed Reichstag and redesigned the notorious roof glass dome. This glass dome offers a magnificent view of 360 degrees of the cityscape surrounding Berlin, particularly at night from inside of the dome. You can view the main hall of the parliament beneath.


Berliner Dome: The Cathedral of Berlin is the largest church in the city, and it serves as a vital center for the Protestant church of Germany. Reaching out well beyond the borders of the parish and of Berlin, the cathedral attracts thousands of visitors, year after year, from Germany and abroad.

The Berliner dome popularly known as the Berlin cathedral is one of the largest church in the city. It stands as the crucial center for protestant church in the country. It reaches out to the borders of Berlin and parish, and proves to be a major attraction among tourists who come to visit year after year. The church services include concerts, tours and several other offerings which can bring you one step closer to the Christian tradition.


Berlin Philharmonic: The Berlin philharmonic stands as one of the major tourist attraction in the city. It is immensely popular, and has amazing acoustics and the building is uniquely designed to make the sound more rich. The orchestra is played at the upper, lower and the outside area.


Berlin’s Museum Island: The most renowned Berlin Museum Island majestically stands at the centre of Berlin. It is a UNESCO world heritage site. The museum is immensely popular among the tourists and locals. Reason being, it has a gigantic collection of precious treasures and artifacts.

The most important museum of the world takes its guests to the journey of the past where the civilization began on the lanes of Mesopotamia, and passes through the age of Egyptian, Greek, Roman Byzantine and Islam. The journey ends in the nineteenth century Modern age and Romanticism.


Berliner Fernsehturm: At the height of 368 meters, Berliner Fernsehturm is the tallest tower in the city of Berlin and whole of Germany. It is a major tourist attraction. Located at the city centre of Berlin, it is quite close to the Alexanderplatz. The tower was completed in 1969. The tower area comprises of an observation deck and a revolving restaurant.

The observation deck is named as the panoramic floor which is 203 meters high, and you can view over 42 km on a bright sunny day. The visitors have to take the lift to go on the top, or else you can climb the 986 stairs. If you are hungry then visit the Telecafa restaurant which is around 207 meters above the ground level. It rotates once every thirty minutes.


Charlottenburg Palace: The majestic Charlottenburg palace is situated in the Charlottenburg district. With its mesmerizing gardens, it emerges as one of the best tourist attraction in Berlin. The palace is the last historical monument of Berlin, which was the royal residence of Hohenzollern family era. It was built during the 17th and the 18th century.

The palace was extended with baroque and rococo decoration from inside. There is a large beautiful garden at the back of the palace which was included as a formal place, along with a mausoleum, a pavilion, a theatre and a belvedere.


About The Author: Ryan Holman was simply mesmerized by the beauty of Berlin while his trip to Germany. Here, he provides information on the major tourist attractions of Berlin.

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