Hiking Gear List Every Outdoor Adventurer Should Make

Hiking, camping and exploring the wild is something that tops the charts of every adventure traveler or explorers like they like being called. Doesn’t that Instagram looking over the mountains and the beautiful skies or that Facebook feed boasting of yet another wild adventure inspires you to pack your bags and just head out, at that moment?

Well, we sure are lusting for a hiking gear list and we are sure you are too.

We curated the web and found the best hiking gear that you must carry on all your trips and tours. It not only is easy and mobile but also allows you the freedom of movement without having to complain about the weight of the entire deal.

So what should you be carrying?

  • Backpacks

What does a hiking trip even mean without a backpack? You can choose a 30 liter or a 60 liter backpack depending on the trail. You can pack it in layers such that you carry the essentials such as food, water, maybe an extra pair of shoes, so on and so forth. It can also carry a rope and a trad rack! Pack for the number of days wisely and you wouldn’t have to suffer a bit at all. There are multiple variations available for your convenience and requirement. Just don’t over pack.

  • A Rain Jacket

A rain jacket is your shield against the rain for all the right reasons. If it doesn’t rain, it saves you from the chilly breeze and winds which can be a bummer when you are out and about. A water-proof companion is your best friend gave that it is breathable, lightweight and affordable! Did you know Outdoor gear Only has the top rated hiking gear? You can choose quality rain jackets which are one of a kind and last longer. After all, it is one of the essentials that you wouldn’t want to miss out on. 

  • Headlamp

Not all hiking adventures get started in the morning and end in the evening before sundown. It is important that you carry that headlamp such that night trails do not lead you into danger such as crevices, patches or trenches. It is your savior in the dark. Keeping your hands free of any equipment is anyway always recommended.

  • Water Bottles and Reservoirs

Thirst is unbearable and you do not want to suffer from dehydration because you didn’t read the temperature graphs or forecast of the geography before you set out on the hike. You can carry multiple water bottles and pack them if it is a short trail. However, for a longer hiking deal, you can carry a reservoir which will help you sustain even if water is scarce in the area.

  • Tiny Stove

Save that extra space by carrying a stove instead of packaged food. A stove that runs on both gas and fuel can be used for a plethora of purposes. You can try and find a good and affordable deal on the web. Isn’t it way better to eat fresh food than those packaged bland ways? You need to survive now, don’t you?

  • Tent and sleeping bags

A tent is essential for any hiking trail. So is a backpack. It is your source of comfort and luxury when you battling all extremes literally. Additionally, you can carry a pair of trail shoes, sleeping pads, other jackets which you feel get along with the temperature conditions of the area. A few cautionary measures and you should be sorted for that next trip.

7)   Navigation Device

For proper direction guidance, any good navigation gear and redundancy are important as its the necessary part of hiking. Try to always bring multiple sources of navigation for your hike in case one fails or is incorrect.

Author Bio:
Tonya Carroll

Tonya Carroll is a freelance writer and an adventure blogger. She is a 20-something fun-loving and ambitious female who loves to go on outdoor adventures and sharing her -experiences through honest blog posts. She has done hiking, biking, fishing and many such adventures around the world and aims to inspire fellow adventurers to get the best experience.

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