5 Tips for Planning a Road Trip in Dubai

Dubai is known for its exciting desert safari rides. But you don’t only need to go to Dubai’s sand dunes to enjoy a good drive in this city. This emirate and its neighboring areas are great for road trips.

Quick Lease, a one-stop shop that offers a variety of car leasing services in Dubai, offers some handy tips below for planning a fun, smooth, and problem-free road trip in the City of Dreams:

1. Make sure you are legally allowed to drive a vehicle.

Whether you’re traveling just within Dubai or to another emirate, check whether your GCC or international driving license is still valid (meaning it hasn’t expired yet). If you don’t have a locally issued driving permit, make sure you get one before planning any road trip.

2. Create a schedule and plan your stopovers.

First, determine how many days will you be on this road trip and when – would it be during the weekend or will you take time off during the middle of the week? From there, create a schedule for the places you intend to stop by and visit and where you will stay at night. You can use a map, a printed or digital one, to work out your itinerary and to find out the most ideal possible accommodations.

If you only plan on going around Dubai, some of the places you have to visit include the Dubai Creek, the Dubai Marina, the Dubai Museum, Safa Park, Wild Wadi Water Park, Madinat Jumeirah, Burj Khalifa, and the Palm Island. You can choose to stay at a nearby hotel or simply go home at the end of the day. Another road trip idea worth considering is driving to the Arabian Desert for an overnight trip to a Bedouin camp under the stars.

For longer trips, you won’t be disappointed by what the other emirates have to offer. For instance, Abu Dhabi, the country’s capital city, is home to Ferrari World, Yas Marina, famous mosques, and malls. If you want to experience adventurous off-road driving, check out Al Gharbia, the municipal region of Abu Dhabi. The road offers unbelievably dramatic scenery including large sand dunes, kilometer-long coastlines, and some ancient forts. You will find numerous hotels and holiday rental homes here so accommodation isn’t a problem. You can avoid a lot of hassles though by booking your accommodation several days before your trip.

3. Have a road-trip worthy car.

You’re going on a road trip, which means you need to have your own wheels. If you don’t own a vehicle, you can opt for a rent a car service in Dubai. There are many car leasing companies you can choose from; to ensure you have a safe and problem-free car on the road, go with a firm that is known for its top-notch, well-maintained fleet of vehicles. Also, although rental companies carefully and regularly inspect their vehicles, you can do some cursory checks on the car you are interested in hiring, such as checking the bumper, lights and dashboard, trying the A/C, listening to the engine start up, and simply kicking the tires to get the assurance you will have a good auto for the duration of your trip.

4. Create a checklist of everything you need to bring for the trip.

Make a checklist of all the things you thing you’ll need for the trip, but don’t go overboard. When thinking of what to bring, start with selecting comfortable clothes that you can wear for the extent of your trip – on and off the road. Pack one or two extra pieces of clothing, but not enough to last you for a week when you will be only gone for two or three days. Also, bring some warm clothes or jackets if you will be spending some time out on the desert since it can be chilly at night.

Don’t forget the essentials as well such as your license and IDs, water, snacks, a first aid and grooming kit, and your medication, if you’re on any. If you have kids, make sure you bring items that will entertain them such as their favorite books, toys, and DVDs. Again, only bring what you’ll need for the trip – not all the contents of your refrigerator or medicine cabinet.

Once you’re already packing, cross out all the items you’re done placing in the bags or in the car so that you’ll know that you have everything you need for the trip.

5. Have contingency plans.

Finally, although you may think you’ve got everything planned and you’ve prepared for the whole trip, some things may still fail to go your way. For instance, your car may break down; you will avoid a lot of problems and worries if you have the number of a reliable towing company saved on your phone. Making sure you have a good internet connection while you’re on the road will also help you deal with any unexpected issue that may come your way.

Before going on the long and winding roads (in and out) of Dubai, make sure you’re ready for the whole trip. This will ensure that you have not only a safe journey, but a stress-free and fun one as well.

Author Bio:

Sajjad Akhtar is the Director of Sales and Marketing at Quick Lease Car Rentals, a one-stop shop for all vehicle rental requirements, including short-term rentals and long-term leasing. Sajjad specializes in vehicle leasing, vehicle hire & limousine businesses in the Middle East and has a solid background in brand building, awareness, and conceptualizing, planning and execution of marketing campaigns.

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