Zamboanga Beach Guide

Zamboanga is a region in Mindanao. The main dialect spoken in Zamboanga is Chabacano. Tourists go there to do many things including a vacation in the beach.
A group of friends and a family will surely have a fun time visiting the city and the beaches in Zamboanga.

1.The Pink Beach in the Big Santa Cruz Island – This is a beach that one can find in the big Santa Cruz Island. It is very popular in Zamboanga and it is ranked as one of the best beaches to visit in the Philippines. The color of the sand is indeed very unique. The sand appears to be pink because of the effect of the red coral which gives out eons and then it gets mixed with the surf and then touches the sand. The corals are just close to the shore of the island. The pink beach is not a common thing all over the world. The pink beach is three miles in length and it actually encircles the island.

The bigger Santa Cruz Island has a huge lagoon filled with mangroves where the level of the water rise and fall along with the rise and fall of the ocean’s tide. There is a tiny village of Badjaos and that place serves as their burial area. There is so much vegetation in the inner part of the island. There are some trees with flowers as well giving sufficient shade from the hot sun. There are many crabs living in the mangroves. You can reach this island via a motorized boat or what the locals call a vinta from the city in just twenty minutes for eight hundred pesos. There are several kinds of boats so the fare depends on the kind of the boat you choose.

2. The Little Santa Cruz Island – This is close to the big one with the pink sand. It has white sand. A military base installed there. Diving and snorkeling in the beach is a famous recreation in this island. There is a good amount of marine animals under the waters and the clear waters give good visibility however it can be affected by the weather. In the big or great Santa Cruz Island there are coconut huts with roofs which are ideal for picnickers. There are enough bathrooms as well.

3. Bolong Beach – This is the beach that you can go to if you don’t want to ride a boat. It is just forty five minutes away from the city via a car or a van. Some locals just rent a jeep so a big family can all come together. The rental for a jeepney can reach up to seven hundred pesos. The whole beach is one and a half kilometers in length. There are many coconut huts in the beach which you can rent. You can even cook food like barbeque. When you go home you may stop in the Sangali town where you can buy fresh seafood.

4.Pitas Island Beach – This is in front of the Bolong beach. Some people can even swim from Bolong going to the Pitas beach. There are some fishermen living in the Pitas island. You can reach the Pitas island by riding a vinta with the motor. There are eleven islands in this area and offers good areas for swimming and snorkeling.

5. The Yellow Beach – This is a private resort however people are welcome for a very minimal payment of ten pesos for each person. It is one kilometer in length with many trees and restaurants. There are some bars where you can sing with the karaoke as well. There are small stores where you can buy several things as well.

6. La Vista del Mar Beach Resort – This has become the most popular resort for the rich urban dwellers. There are several amenities in this resort. It is the closest resort to the city. The beach of the resort may not be compared to the ones in the Santa Cruz islands but the amenities are some of the best in the resort industry. Many people who live in the city like it her because of the proximity of the place.

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