What to see in Samui – Thailand

Koh Samui is one of the most popular tourist islands in Thailand. And that’s not without the reason cause beaches and night life are really excellent. For those that don’t want to just lay all day and sunbathing on beaches there are options for different trips around island where you can see different temples, waterfalls, gardens and many other attractions. You can also join some trips around to visit other islands, snorkeling, etc.
Samui Beaches
One of the best beaches

Samui Island has many beaches but most popular are on eastern side of the island.
Chaweng Beach
Most famous beach on Koh Samui

Chaweng BeachChaweng Beach is one of the most popular beaches on Koh Samui and also the longest. It is located near night life, restaurants, airport, etc., so it is easily accessible. There are many hotels, bungalows, etc. along Chaweng Beach so it will not be so hard to find some place that is suitable for your wishes, money, etc. On many places on the Chaweng Beach it is possible to do some water sport like jet skis, kayaks, banana boat, etc. If you want massage it is easy to get it on the beach. All the time local people are selling food and other gods on the beach.

Thongtakian Beach
One of the best beaches I saw

Thongtakian BeachThongtakian Beach is located southerh from Chaweng beach. It is not big, actually just small bay but anyway I loved it and enjoed there a lot. Especially left side of the bay is wonderfull. It is just like pool where you can walk quite far away from beach without need to swim. Arond the beach are big rocks that makes all the scene even more fantastic. I was there in February and beach was not much crowded. My advice is to go there when is dry season cause I saw some photos of same beach in rainy season and it was hard to recognize it.


New York’s Well-known Searching Districts :

Offers suitable for everyone
On Samui Island you can find many different types of accommodation, from best luxury to simple rooms. I tried two different types, bungalow and hotel room. I was satisfied with both despite I prefer bungalow.

Promtsuk Buri
Nice bungalows with open roof shower

Open roof showerPromtsuk Buri Resort is located just near Thongtakian Beach which was the best beach for me on Samui. Bungalows are not so big but enough for normal comfort with refrigerator, TV, etc. Especially I loved open roof shower where you can enjoy in the view of palm trees while showering. Just before the entrance into apartment you had own terrace from where you can see beach if your bungalow is not in the last rows.

Seascape Beach Resort
Nice resort for reasonable price

Seascape Beach Resort Seascape Beach Resort is resort near Chaweng Beach. I stayed in one of the hotel rooms but you can rent also bungalows. Around the bungalows is nice park with a path that leads to the pool, restaurants and beach. Resort is not in the centre of the night life but anyway it is possible just to walk to town centre. Also beach at the resort is very nice and not much sport life around, so it is more peaceful and without ski-jets.

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