What Have You Heard About Glamping?


glampingIf you are thinking about going on an adventurous holiday this year, but don’t want to get down and dirty with camping; then why not consider glamping. On a glamping holiday, you can have all the fun and adventure that you would expect on a camping holiday – but you can do it in style and comfort. Read on to discover how.

The Great Outdoors
When you go glamping, you won’t have to spend hours struggling with tent poles and a yard of polyester tent material (unless that’s your thing). Chances are, your tent will already be erect, and waiting for you when you arrive. The inside of your tent, will look and feel more luxurious, spacious and comfortable than a regular one, and will contain beds, rather than sleeping bags. It may also contain other luxury items such as furniture, lamps, and comfortable flooring.

When booking the right place, tents will also have a source of electricity, which means you won’t be left in the dark at night. There are many benefits to choosing a camp site that has powered tents or powered sites for an RV or caravan, such as, the ability to charge your mobile phone, and boiling water in a small kettle; without having to use the campfire to do so. A powered tent, means you can enjoy all of the fun, outdoor activities camping has to offer, but do it in comfort.

Tents? No Thank You!
If that still doesn’t feel like your idea of fun, then why not consider staying in a chalet, or a wooden cabin. Most camp-sites, have the option to upgrade to one of these kinds of living quarters when you book your glamping holiday. Unlike a tent, a chalet, or a cabin will have a built in toilet, and shower facilities – which means you can freshen up in private. You will also have your own kitchen, and separate bedrooms if you need them.

Before you book your glamping holiday, it is advisable that you check that the park you choose has plenty of local amenities. Do they have toilet and shower facilities? Do they have mirrors, and sinks in the bathrooms? Do they have fire pits to build a campfire, and picnic tables to eat from? Do they have a local store to purchase fresh food, and water? These are all questions you should be asking yourself.

New York’s Well-known Searching Districts :

No Civilisation?
If there are no parks available, or you can’t find a place to stay that has power, then make sure you take a few extra items to make your great adventure more enjoyable. Swap your sleeping bags with air mattresses, and pack a few extra pillows. Take a battery powered lamp, for when the sun goes down. If you don’t want to rely on the campfire to cook your meals, then make sure you take a Barbeque with you.

Another thing to think about if you can’t find a camping park with amenities, is personal hygiene. If the idea of squatting in the bush sounds like a nightmare, then make sure you take a portable camping toilet with you. Make sure you also pack some wet-wipes, a hair brush, insect repellent, a mirror, anti-bacterial hand gel, a toothbrush, and a first aid kit, in case of an emergency.

As you can see, you don’t have to rough it when you go camping. You can still enjoy what the great outdoors has to offer, and do it comfortably with glamping.

Erin Warbrook is a freelance writer who loves to travel around Australia! Gone are her ‘roughing it’ days, and she now prefers a few comforts when on the road. Erin spoke to Apsen Parks, whose holiday parks and camping sites are excellent for a back to nature holiday without the headaches.

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