Two Of The Most Popular Koh Samui Beaches For Your Stay

Some people suggest that you might destroy your vacation if you end up choosing a wrong beach for your stay. This is one thing that makes vacation planning highly difficult. Koh Samui has a substantial range of beaches – so it depends on getting an ideal fit, not picking “the very best”. In the following article, we’ll discuss 2 of the most popular beaches (in regards to amount of hotels and resorts present) of Koh Samui.

Here are two of the Koh Samui’s beaches that are best for your stay:


Bophut, (pronounces as bo-put) though itself a big coastline, is calm and feels very intimate. Though the beach is home to a couple of big hotels, most of the best places remain hidden until you come across them. Development has actually been unobtrusive and mixes into the landscape with lovely exotic plants and delicate architecture.

Lodging options vary from three-star boutiques to luxury resorts. Several good options can be found in a Fisherman’s village, a small street lined with little stores, and some of the Samui’s finest bars and dining establishments. Though the sand is grittier, Bophut is a wonderful selection for all sorts of visitors, attractive for families and couples alike.

New York’s Well-known Searching Districts :

Bophut beach is just a half hour walk from end to end. Morning or sunset walks are part of the schedule of most visitors. Both the stores and dining establishments can be found on the ring road, and there is much quieter and a lot more pedestrian-friendly Fisherman’s Village nearby. With children, one cannot afford to miss this Fisherman’s village. Bophut’s regional appeal allows you to keep your holiday vibrant without any kind of transportation required. It is among the most walkable locations of the island.

Why stay in Bophut?

3 certain benefits of staying in Bophut:

Very walkable

It has 2 towns

It’s a long coastline

Avoid fake Bophut’!

Samui addresses can often trigger confusion. While a hotel’s address may recommend that it’s on Bophut coastline, this isn’t really always the case. The district of Tambol Bophut encompasses a much bigger area. To make sure that you are landing the right place, make use of maps.


Chaweng’s market is generously called the host to Thailand’s excesses, for both good and bad reasons. Without a doubt, Chaweng is Samui’s most developed and populated coastline. It has bars, massage parlors and every sort of lodging. Good or bad, Chaweng has been always “near the action”.

With an extensive strip of souvenir stores, it’s also a cherished location for backpackers. Couples that are more youthful will discover a vibrant nightlife (occasionally difficult to escape); however, families and those trying to find a quiet place will have a hard time finding the perfect place for their stay.

Rocky’s Resort’s private beach

If you are willing to stay in Chaweng, try to find a lodging that could offer a higher insulation from the buzz outside, such as Poppies, Muang Samui, or resorts that are a short drive away, such as Anantara Lawana or Nora Buri. These quieter resorts are found on the edges of Chaweng’s Big Bay, with the busier parts towards the middle.

Why stay here?

Chaweng’s sand is known to be softest, and the coastline is the lengthiest – best for people who enjoy long strolls on beaches, water sports, and a different happy hour daily.

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