Top 5 Best Beaches Near Bangkok – Thailand

I love Bangkok. If you are on holiday in Bangkok and want to relax from the pollution and busy street  of the city, definitely beautiful thing would come in your mind is going the beach. There are lots of beaches in Thailand but some of them are near Bangkok like the beautiful Phuket, Krabi, Ko Phi Phi, and a lot more.

1. Notorious Pattaya:

1. Notorious Pattaya

The closest notable beach destination to Bangkok is Pattaya, to the east, which can be reached in less two than hours from Bangkok, and even faster from Bangkok’s International Airport Suvarnabhumi.

In Pattaya you can dive, play golf and even visit a Thai wineyard – along a whole range of other activities.


Bangsaen beach bangkok

Just like Koh Samet, Bang Saen is fairly close to Bangkok, about 3 to 4 hours bus ride from Bangkok. It is actually a very famous town in Thailand since it is known as a summer getaway most especially for city people. Along with Samet, I think Bang Saen is in the more “peaceful and serene” category among beaches which are near Bangkok. Accommodations here are also cheap, ranging from 200 baht per night to 1500 baht.

3.Hua Hin:

Hua Hin - Bangkok

Just a few hours outside of Bangkok, this resort town with its white beaches and luxury hotels is a preferred retreat for members of Thai royalty. Bangkok residents, too, flock here on weekends for the sun, the great restaurants and bars, and to wander through the bustling night market, where the day’s catch—fresh lobster, prawns, clams, and whole fish—are displayed on ice amid the souvenir stalls.

4.Koh Samet :

Koh Samet Bangkok

Paradise Island Nearest to Bangkok: Koh Samet is the paradise island nearest to Bangkok. Ko Samet has perfect white sandy beaches, and the sea is turquoise. You will find accommodation for most budgets from extreme luxury (Paradee) to family friendly resorts (our fave: Sai Kaew Beach Resort) and backpacker bungalows.

Boats to the island leave from Rayong’s Ban Phet pier. The travel time from Bangkok is approximately three hours by car plus 15–45 minutes by boat depending on if you choose a speedboat or a ferry.

5.Charms of Cha-Am:

Cha-Am Beach - Bangkok

If you head to the northwest of Bangkok, the closest beach destination is low-key and easy going Cha-Am, which is particularly well suited for families and older travelers.

The distance from the capital is only two hours. The best thing in Cha-Am is that most of the hotels and guesthouses lie right by the sea (which is not often the case in Pattaya or Hua Hin for instance). The quality of the sand on Cha-Am’s beaches ranges from mediocre to pretty nice.

You will find a wide range of hotels from simple guesthouses to stylish boutique inns and family friendly hotels.

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