Tips For Renting A Condo In Bangkok – Thailand

Renting Condo/Apartments In Bangkok
Being a hub for so many things, Bangkok has become a very popular choice for expats and others who need to live there but are not in the market to buy property. The privately-owned and run apartment buildings vary so greatly in so many ways that they are not a viable option for a sensible tenant. The best choice is to rent a room in one of the many new condominium buildings that have been built in the last few years. There are a few tips to consider before deciding to rent a condo in Bangkok, such as the location, the quality of the building and the facilities available to the residents.

The Center Or Outskirts?

Firstly, the phrase ‘location is everything’ has a great deal of truth to it. Those people who want to rent a condo in Bangkok must consider that although living near the centre of any major city offers the convenience of being close to major shops, offices and other major buildings, in cities such as Bangkok it can be a hindrance being so close. Not only is the air and noise pollution a major issue, the traffic is so bad in every direction and most hours of the day that it is almost pointless owning any form of motorized transport or trying to get a bus, tuk tuk or taxi to take you anywhere. That just leaves the skytrain (BTS) and underground (MRT) which are rather limited in range. The outskirts are becoming increasingly popular and are benefiting from brand new department stores and other conveniences, plus the developing infrastructure which will soon include the skytrain. Living in an area such as Pinklao gives wonderful access both to the centre of the city and major roads going in all directions. Pinklao is in the north-east suburbs which are generally cleaner, safer and more civilized than other areas on the outskirts of Thailand’s wonderful capital.

Take Care When Choosing Your Condominium

Next, one must be sure to secure a room in a high-quality condominium building for a number of reasons. Mainly that fixtures and fittings won’t fall off during the tenancy, causing potential disagreements over who is responsible for the damage and therefore the cost. But also because higher-quality buildings attract higher-quality residents, which not only adds to the overall pleasantness but also improves the issue of security worries. The Lumpini company has recently erected several condominium buildings in the area and all are of excellent build quality both structurally and for all fittings. Those looking to rent a condo in Bangkok could do a lot worse than starting their search at one of the Lumpini buildings.

Look Carefully At The Condo Facilities And Surrounding Facilities

Finally, one of the most important features that tenants, but not so much owners, choose one condominium over another is the facilities available to the residents. 24-hour mini-mart shops are a must and others such as restaurants, reliable laundry services and of course a gymnasium and swimming pool. Just checking that the building has these is not enough. It is important to make sure that they are available at convenient times and for tenants, too. A membership fee is not as bad as some may think, as it ensures the long-term cleanliness of the facilities themselves.

Finally The Important Factors Are Location, Quality And Facilities

In short, there are many options to choose from when looking to rent a condo in Bangkok, but the important factors are location, quality and facilities. Only stay in the centre if you really will benefit from doing so and can tolerate the noise, smell and inconvenience once you need to get somewhere that is not on the electric trains’ grids. Opt for the best quality that falls within your budget and make sure there are good facilities that are available to you.

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