This Christmas : 5 Things to Do in London

London is one of the cities that have abundant of cultures. However, the cultures and traditions itself is all related to the monarchy that is still standing strongly up to today. The existence of monarchy influences the traditions, celebrations, even the architecture of the buildings up to its tourism commodity. Perhaps, the prominent of the monarchy is one of the top lists why people feel so curious to get to know London more. Nevertheless, just like any other cities in Europe, which are famous with highly expensive costs, people often feel reluctant to go there for budget reason. However, if we want to seek deeper than just a surface research, we actually can find more and more alternatives of places that even not needing any money spent. Here are some lists of things to do in London with less money spent.

1. The galleries :

Visiting Europe will not be complete if not enjoying its fine art works. There are some popular galleries in London, which offers you affordable costs spend. They are the Tate Britain, and the Tate Modern galleries. Reflected on its name, Tate Modern gallery will serve you all types of modern or contemporary art, on the opposite, the Tate Britain represents the British art from the past sixteenth century.

2. Museums :

As we have said earlier, Europe is a city full of historical moment. Visiting museums will not be a boring thing to do. Particularly in London, museums are treated so well. What more good things are that all museums in London, especially the biggest one, are open with no charge needed, means, you don’t have to pay for any, except if there is a special exhibition held there, then you will be charged a fee.

3. London Parks :

Another simple idea visiting London is by strolling around to its parks. One of the recommended parks is the St. James’s Park. It offers you the beautiful view from the Buckingham Palace. There are also other parks, such as Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens (side by side), where you can see the popular Diana Memorial Playground and the Peter Pan Statue.

4. Changing the guard :

Never complete to see London without enjoying its monarchy tradition. One of them is to see the tradition of changing the guard of the palace. The changing time usually takes place at 11.30 every day, during the summertime or winter at the gates of Buckingham Palace.

5. Street Markets and Street Performances :

Another free and simple alternative of London traveling is to explore the street markets, and to watch the street performances. Art is the important part in London, so no wonder, if the art performances on street are often seen, the West Piazza of Convent Garden Market, for instance, has many street performances along the afternoon. What more good things are that all the performers are not just amateurs, they are chosen from audition, and have licenses to perform there.

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