Preparing for your Phuket holiday

Preparing for your Phuket holiday

What not to forget

So you have booked your flights, and found yourself the perfect Phuket hotel – hopefully using our online service at! You are due to arrive in Phuket soon – are there any last minute things that you need to sort out?
Do I need a Visa?
For most visitors to Thailand, a visa isn’t a big problem. If you come from a wealthy country, the chances are that you will be eligible for a tourist visa on arrival, which lasts for a period of 30 days. Obviously you need to check before you come here – our website has a good section on visas which can be found at People from other nations may need to visit their local Thai consulate or embassy to request a tourist visa – usually this isn’t a problem.


What clothes to bring
Many people ask us “Do I need to bring any warm clothes such as coats and pullovers to Phuket?” – the answer is definitely “no”! However, if you have a lightweight raincoat, you should bring it along just in case you encounter one of Phuket’s occasional rain showers. Cheap transparent wet-weather capes are available in almost every convenience store here, and they are suitable both for walking and riding a bicycle or motorbike.

Most restaurants are very relaxed about what kind of clothes you wear, with a few exceptions. Comfortable trousers and a short-sleeved dress shirt will be smart enough in almost every case – but if you wish to dress up, go ahead! Just remember that Phuket is a rather warm country, even in the evening.


Health issues
Phuket Bangkok HospitalMost people don’t need to take much in the way of health precautions before visiting Phuket. Some countries recommend that you get vaccinated against typhoid and hepatitis A, but it isn’t essential for many people – check with your doctor if you are not sure. Malaria is not a big problem in Thailand. Major cities and resorts in Phuket are malaria-free – however if you go deep into the Thai countryside for a long period of time, malaria drugs may be a good decision. Thailand maintains strong anti-drugs laws, so if you are bringing prescription medication from home, remember to bring a copy of your prescription with you.

Hiring a car
If you intend to hire a car, it is useful to have an International Driving Permit to go along with your normal driving license. These should be easily available in your home country and relatively cheap. For an excellent Phuket rental car and comprehensive insurance, consider booking your vehicle through If you are involved in an accident, you may wish to get in touch with Thailand’s Tourist Police – they speak good English, and their number is 1155 or 678-6800.

Are traveler’s checks necessary?
You don’t really need to bring traveler’s checks to Thailand – there are a wealth of ATM machines which will happily dispense money to Visa and MasterCard holders. Most banks here now charge a $5 withdrawal fee for using an ATM with a foreign card, though, so it isn’t always the cheapest option for getting hold of your holiday money.

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