Memorable Road-Trip Destinations in Melbourne

When anyone thinks about going on a road trip around Australia, the first destination that comes to mind is Melbourne, the capital of Australia’s smallest mainland state, Victoria. The best way to explore the magical landscapes of the city is to embark on a road trip by hiring a campervan or even driving your vehicle to marvelous destinations. The city offers a complete, all-round package of locations ranging from breathtaking beaches and amazing wildlife encounters to snowy mountains and stunning wineries. Though all these attractions might seem extremely fascinating, it is quite easy for one to get overwhelmed and confused while choosing the desired destination for a fun-filled road trip.   

Here are some must-visit destinations for your next road trip to Melbourne in a campervan

We have compiled a list of some wonderful destinations around the city of Melbourne for you to choose from on your next road trip expedition in a campervan. These shortlisted places are tried and tested landmarks that provide a replenishing journey and aren’t overcrowded or touristy per se. The locations are such that there are hotels and campsites available nearby for an overnight stay if your heart urges you to stay a little while longer you can do so without any hassle. Although hiring a campervan would also be a wise alternative as you don’t have to constrict yourself to these hotels. 

The old town road that leads to Ballarat

Ballarat is one of the oldest villages in Australia and is known for its victorian-style architecture and gold-mining opportunities. If you are an old-soul and rejoice in reliving the previous era’s lifestyle, you are guaranteed to have the best time in the village. The attractions offered are old-school horse carriage rides and mining demonstrations as well as some wonderful plays and museums that can be enjoyed by audiences of all ages.

Short and crisp drive to Mornington Peninsula

A road trip to the Mornington Peninsula is the ultimate solution if you want to head out for a short duration of time with your mates. The drive in a campervan or RV takes only about ninety minutes and the destination is a sight to behold. It has quieter beaches and colorful boxes on the shore of Mount Martha. Another added advantage is the numerous options for fine wine and dines around the peninsula. There are some stunning wineries around that make this place a foodie’s paradise. The most exciting experience is dipping your toes in the hot water spring at the resorts that would melt all your stress away. This road trip is the perfect weekend getaway.

French Island National Park and Wilsons Promontory National Park

Australia is well known for its prominent wildlife and these national parks are a sight for sore eyes. There are some squeaky clean beaches and a bountiful of wildlife and lush vegetation. The Tidal river alongside Wilsons Promontory National Park changes colors from yellow to dark purple across different depths and the sunsets here are to die for. This national park remains widely untouched by human activities and is very calm. Just park your campervan on the beachside and enjoy the serene environment.

The list stands incomplete without mentioning Great Ocean Road

Ensuing on this road trip is no mean feat but driving your campervan through these jaw-dropping scenic views is worth the ride. You will experience a dramatic crashing of waves. You can also witness the 12 Apostles which is a collection of limestones that were formed when its original coastline was eroded. They were once a part of the mainland, but they got submerged eventually and are now a blip in the ocean.

These destinations are an absolute must-visit in Melbourne

Once you decide to hire a campervan and venture out onto the rocky road, plan out a trip to these places for a guaranteed dose of fun and frolic or to have a relaxing and stress-free getaway. There are several other destinations that you can explore around Melbourne like Yarra valley and Philip island. So get going with the pre-planning and hit the roads as soon as you get the chance.

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