How to use the BTS skytrain in Bangkok – Thailand

Bangkok Mass Transit System or the BTS or Skytrain as it’s more commonly referred to was opened in 1999. With 32 expanding stations and two major lines it has become a crucial and safe method for getting around the city.

BTS (Bangkok Mass Transit System) is the most convenient way of transportation in downtown Bangkok. features the video that walks you through the steps of how to use the BTS.

The skytrains operate on an elevated rail platform linking major areas of importance within central Bangkok. It also links in several places to Bangkok’s other transport system the MRT.

Did you know?

Over 600,000 people ride the BTS in Bangkok everyday

The BTS trains are provided by Siemens AG

The BTS skytrain is an excellent way to get around Bangkok’s main shopping centers and it also links to the river boat pier at Saphan Taksin.

Bangkok BTS & MRT station map –

Bangkok BTS & MRT station map

A few things are not allowed on the skytrain or on the stations.

1. No Littering
2. No Unlicensed Selling
3. No Smoking
4. No Animals (Except Guidedogs)
5. No Eating or Drinking
6. No Flammable Products

As one enters any skytrain station, one must pass through a security scanner which is attended by a security guard. Occasionally they will ask to look inside your bag before allowing entry to the station.

No photos used to be on the list but seems to have disappeared and certainly no one gave me a second look as I took the pictures for this lens.

How to buy a BTS skytrain ticket

There are four ways to buy a ticket for the BTS skytrain.

1) The most common method and easiest for tourists is to simply insert coins into the ticket machines located just before the barriers.

Beside each machine is a map showing your present location and the rest of the BTS stations. Each station is represented by a name and number. On the ticket machine press the number of the station. A price that usually corresponds to the station number will appear. Insert your coins (coins only) into the machine until it counts down to zero. A thin credit card sized ticket will then appear from a lower slot.

If you only have notes go to the kiosks located beside the barriers and they will give you changed (this is normal).

2) Newer ticket machines now accept notes.

3) In the event of a ticket machine breakdown the kiosks will give you a ticket but you can’t normally buy directly from them.

4) Purchase a Rabbit card or a monthly / Weekly pass for the BTS. This is possible from the kiosks but it often does not work out cheaper for short stay tourists.


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Tips: You Should Know Before Taking Bangkok Skytrain (BTS)

Avoide Rush Hours: AVOID 7-9 am and 5-7 p. It’s a hell. Seriously, it’s a very bad to take BTS and MRT. Think about 10 millions people try to get to the train. Well…maybe we are over exaggerated but we are so confident you will feel like that! Trust us, we have tried too may time in rush hours. Just avoid it if you don’t want to ruin your trip.

Know The First And The Last Train Schedules:The BTS first train from Mo Chit and Bearing station start at 5:15 am and the last train leaves the station at midnight. For Silom line, the trains start from 5:30 am to midnight. For more information and specific times for each station, click here. MRT runs from 6 am – 12 am everyday. Keep in mind that the station gates will be closed approximately about 10 minutes before the last train arrives the station.

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