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It is widely recognised that The Maldives is just about as close to paradise as you can get. However that does not mean that a holiday in The Maldives has to cost you an absolute fortune. Certainly with the way the internet is today it is possible to compare different travel deals quickly and easily so that you can save money on your flights and accommodation.

There is no shortage of 5 star resorts in The Maldives, but if you are travelling on a budget there are plenty of places to stay where you will get looked after like royalty but don’t have to pay top dollar. Tourism makes up a huge part of The Maldives economy, and so tourists get very well looked after. This means you, and it also means that you can travel there on a budget and still enjoy everything that makes The Maldives a fantastic spot for a holiday.

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Maldives Resort Deals Compare and Save

One of the great things about the internet is the ability to compare and save on your accommodation and airfares. If you check out a website like the Hotels Combined website which is in the link list below, you can compare different deals for different resorts all on one website.

This will allow you to make a saving of sometimes between $50 and $100 per night on your accommodation, without having to compromise on quality. Obviously over the course of a 7 to 10 night holiday this can add up to several hundreds of dollars in savings.

You can also look to tailor your accommodation to suit your holiday plans and family arrangements. You can look to choose an all inclusive package including meals if you are intending to spend most of your time at the resort. This can also result in significant savings for you during the course of your holiday.


Useful Websites for Maldives Holidays

Maldives travel information, accommodation reviews and lots more.

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Official website of Maldives Tourism Board;

[Visit Maldives]


Travel information for the Maldives from Lonely Planet

[Maldives Lonely Planet Guide]

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