How to Find Free Drinks on Cruises

Free Drinks on Cruises

Free Drinks on Cruises

Everyone enjoys a few drinks before or after dinner when they are cruising. But, the cruise ships have a captive audience. You are miles from civilization and you are stuck with what is available on the ship. Here are a few tips, to learn how to get free drinks as you are cruising.

Party hardy!

Almost every ship has some party that serves free liquor. Some cruises have several of these parties. The Captain’s Cocktail Party has free drinks. Past passengers almost always are invited to a party. On Holland America, suite guests are invited to a luncheon or a cocktail Party. Just check out the daily log and you can usually find free booze. Other parties with free drinks includes parties arranged by travel agencies, special interest groups, and past passenger parties.

Find a Good Bartender
Cruise ShipsThe very first day of the cruise, peruse the different bars and find a bartender that you like. Tip generously, ask them what bars they will be working and follow them around. They will reciprocate your generosity with strong pours and free drinks. This tip works everytime!

Art Auctions
Attend every Art Auction you can! Whether you bid on an art piece, buy a picture, or pass, the drinks are always free. These auctions are fun, entertaining, sometimes educational and always have free drinks.


New York’s Well-known Searching Districts :

Whether you are an art-lover or a novice to art, you will enjoy these auctions and usually learn a lot also. Try one the next time you cruise.

Attend Every Class or tastings
Another good tip is to attend every tasting or classes held in bars. Usually several glasses of amazing wines are passed around. In some classes, you pay a nominal fee and are rewarded with more than equal return for your money in drinks. You meed interesting people, learn something new and get free drinks. It is a win-win situation for all.

A word of caution–many people onboard cruise ships are arrogant and demanding. Being nice, polite and civil will go along way. Don’t go expecting these things, just enjoy it when it happens.

Tell me any tips you have about getting free drinks in below comment.

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