Don’t Get Ripped Off – Discover How To Compare Corporate Travel Services

Your Company’s Travel Needs

Many companies are required to travel as part of their business. This may be to visit clients, nationally or internationally, or you may even have certain operations based in another country. Whatever the reasons for you needing to travel, you are likely to make use of travel services, and more specifically, travel services which are geared towards the corporate client. However, you must ensure that your travel service provider is able to meet all your travel needs, as well doing this at the most competitive price. This post explores the areas you should be comparing amongst different corporate travel providers.

Your Company’s Travel Needs

Firstly, before you even start comparing different travel companies you need to determine exactly what your company’s travel requirements are. The easiest way to do this is to look back over a few years and research the travel patterns of employees within the company, and look at various details, such as how often they travel, the reason for their trips, exactly where they travelled to, etc. You should be able to figure out the average cost of travel expenses in a year and how often there is a requirement to travel. From here you can decide what you are willing to pay on annual basis. Other details to consider includes: Do your employees need to travel economy, business or first class? Do you require long-haul trips? Do you require a certain amount of flexibility with your airline tickets, thus meaning the refundable tickets are best suited to you?

What Services Do You Require?


A prime example of the services you may require could involve you travelling to a dangerous part of the world and therefore you need a travel service that can offer assistance to employees 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, if this isn’t a worry then the travel service provider doesn’t need to offer this type of service. Can the provider guarantee the services they offer? Are they contactable whenever you need them? What assistance do they provide in emergencies? These are questions you need to ask of yourself and your potential travel service provider.

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Full Service or Part Service

You then need to determine whether your corporate travel services should provide a full or part service.  A full service travel provider does all the hard work for you, which is especially useful if you have certain complicated travel needs. This typically involves your service provider allocating agents to deal specifically with you and your company, and these agents can then work for you on a full-time basis. This is probably more suited to companies which have special needs or perhaps often visit dangerous parts of the world.

A part service travel provider offers far more flexibility and usually allows you to book and track your expenses via the Internet. Obviously, this is far less hands-on and you won’t be receiving as much help and assistance as a full service provider, although this is going to also cost you less money. This allows you to have more personal control over your own travel arrangements, but of course means you have to complete a lot of the work, such as travel bookings and accommodation, yourself.

Today’s contributor, Kevin Hall, is a freelance blogger currently working for Teplis Travel, a leading corporate travel company. Kevin loves skateboarding and is a big fan of the X games.

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