Broken Hill – Outback NSW

One of the most accessible yet authentic outback experiences in NSW can be found at Broken Hill, an isolated yet Australia’s longest-lived mining city located at the very west of NSW. With a distance of 1100 km west from Sydney, it is quite a trek to get there, but the journey and the number of amazing attractions in the area makes it the perfect destination for caravanning and camping in outback NSW.

Here’s a glimpse of what you could get up to at Broken Hill:

  • Visit the Living Desert Reserve

Two must-sees of Broken Hill’s Living Desert Reserve are the Flora and Fauna Sanctuary and the Sculpture Symposium. The Flora and Fauna Sanctuary is home to a number of indigenous plant and animal species. There’s an animal viewing area specially for watching out for kangaroos, wallabies and wedge-tailed eagles. In the sanctuary you’ll also come across plants such as Sturt’s Desert Pea and wattles. The Sculptures at the symposium consists of 12 sandstone structures that enhance the skyline on top a hill in the middle of the reserve. There is a story behind each one, and they were put up by artists from around the world in 1993.


  • Learn about the Mining Heritage

Home to the largest silver, lead and zinc mine in the world, Broken Hill has interesting tours such as the Broken Hill Heritage Tour. and a guided tour at the Daydream Mine. The Albert Kersten Mining and Mineral Museum is also a great place to learn more about mining and the town’s history.

  • Check out the The Bruce Langford Visitors Centre

Check out the The Bruce Langford Visitors Centre set at the Broken Hill Base of the Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS), where you can go on a tour of the working base, look at the operating aircraft and learn more at the Mantle of Safety Museum.

langford visitors center

  • Dine out
    • Trinders in the Astra, Masalas Indian Cuisine, The Piano bar and Restaurant

There’s a great selection of restaurants to choose from when in Broken Hill, such as The Piano Bar and Restaurant, Trinders in the Astra, and Masalas Indian Cuisine. It’s all up to you!

  • Hike the Trails

The Heroes, Larrikins and Visionaries of Broken Hill Walk is a heritage type of walk that takes you through the city’s historically significant places in the time of one hour. For a more nature-oriented walk, try the Sundown Nature Trail just three hours before sunset, as it can get really hot during the one and a half hour walk through hills and dry land. Another great walk is the Western Ridge Walk that goes through western desert plains, gorges and rocky area that rewards you with amazing views and opportunities to encounter wedge-tailed eagles, Major Mitchell’s cockatoos, corellas and finches along the way!

  • Events

When you’re in town, why not check out some of the local festivities of Broken Hill such as the Broken Hill St Patrick’s Race Day? Find out what upcoming events in Broken Hill that you could be a part of!

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