Breathtaking Underwater Scuba Diving Adventures in Hawaii

A trip to any of the Hawaiian Islands is a trip filled with fun and adventure. There is so much to do and see on the islands that you never lack for something to do. One of the most amazing experiences you can have in Hawaii is to explore the beauty of the warm waters of the ocean. Going swimming in Hawaii is a given. Everyone who visits the islands must spend some time swimming at least once. If you are someone that wants to add a bit of adventure to your swim than you may want to consider going snorkeling or scuba diving.

Snorkeling Experiences to Remember

The idea of going scuba diving may be one that people want to try but are too nervous to attempt. If you find yourself among that group of people who want to try scuba diving but are a bit nervous there is an option available that will work for you. That option is to go snorkeling. Snorkeling requires no special training and minimal equipment. The two main pieces of equipment you need are a mask and a snorkel. Pick up a mask that fits you properly so that you will be able to see underwater clearly. A snorkel will allow you to breathe underwater without having to come to the surface repeatedly.


Another piece of equipment that anyone going snorkeling can use is swim fins. Although they are not necessary for moving through the water, a strong swimmer can swim fine without them, they can help. Swim fins are also excellent for helping to swim longer distances. Some people that go snorkeling also opt to wear either a snorkeling vest, which helps the individual stay afloat, or a life jacket.

With the correct equipment, snorkeling is an activity that will provide you with experiences to remember. The best part about snorkeling is unlike scuba diving you need no special certification or training.

Making Memories with Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is an activity that many people visiting the islands of Hawaii enjoy. Each of the different islands provides unique scuba diving opportunities for people of all levels of diving experience. When you go scuba diving in Hawaii, you will find there are dives suitable for individuals that have no diving experience at all to those divers with an extensive diving history.

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When on vacation it is important to know that LOS offers tours in Hawaii. They offer a broad range of tours. There are tours specifically designed to suit the needs of first time divers, experienced divers, there are two tank boat dives, and more.

Imagine yourself going on a two-tank boat dive with your friends to a depth of 40 ft. (12 meters). On this dive, you and your friends will visit a coral reef in Hawaii with the opportunity to see Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles. To ensure the proper supervision of your dive group as well as making sure you get the most from your scuba diving experience, LOS only takes out small groups, to guarantee no diving guide is responsible for more than four divers. If you and your diving partners want to have an even bigger scuba diving adventure, there are dives where you can see the shipwrecked Seat Tiger or the YO-257/San Pedro.

Anyone planning a trip to Hawaii needs to take the time to check out the broad range of snorkeling and scuba diving tours available on the islands. You will be sure to have experiences that will remain imbedded in your memory for years to come.

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