BlurSPY Empowers Parents by Providing the Right Parenting Tech This Valentine Day

BlurSPY Empowers Parents by Providing the Right Parenting Tech This Valentine Day


Parenting has become really these days. It kept changing and became harder with the passage of time. Many factors have contributed in this regard to make growing up children difficult for the parents. People having kids have many serious concerns and one of the biggest ones is how they can keep their children safe online and offline.

With the invention of social media sites, the world is digitally connected now. A people sitting in one part of the world can talk to other people in any other part of the world. And this was the basic idea of social sites. But people have really misused these platforms and they have started giving more harms than benefits to the people. So the technology that was created to make human life easy and simple has been turned into something really dangerous.

But the interesting thing is this negative use of social media can also be controlled with technology. Apart from social media, the dating sites are on the rise and have gained popularity among teens. Children and teens are using dating sites to find their love and partners. In this search of finding love, many teen girls have been killed by their matches and the people they went to date.

Why Parents Should Monitor Their Teens

The situation has become really dangerous. Parents are really concerned about the safety of their children when they are using the internet and their smartphones. So teens should be monitored and here are some solid reasons why parents should do so.

  • To Improve Safety

Teens now spend more time on the internet and social sites than they spend with their books and family. The trend has completely changed. The time is gone when people used to sit together for hours. And now they have the internet and phones to keep themselves engaged. For teens, the internet and social sites are not safe. They share too many details on these sites and this makes them vulnerable to the predators.

  • Prevent Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying is another massive threat to the new generation. This literally kills the inside of a teen when he or she is bullied online. Parents should understand this does more damage than anything to their children. The kids lose their self-confidence and become weaker. They don’t want to face the world as they believe everyone is a bully inside. They suffer from depression and stress. Many kids have even killed themselves after they were bullied on social sites.

  • Body Shaming

We know there is a lot of adult and porn content on the social as well as dating sites. The news feed of every person on the internet is filled with images of models showing perfect bodies and figures. The teens get a deep impression from such content. They believe this is the real beauty and why they don’t look like these models. They develop a complex and feel low. This further leads to body shaming and a situation when teens are not even ready to accept themselves.

What Parents Need to Do Now?

All parents who doubt their teens or believe they are doing all these things on their phones should monitor them with BlurSPY app. BlurSPY is a best parental monitoring app that is designed to ensure better parenting, improve the safety of teens, keep eyes on them and empower parents to take better care of their children.

BlurSPY is what every parent should use because the valentine day is coming and your teens might be looking for someone to date and spend time together. You don’t know who their date is but they are prone to predators and strangers. The safety of your child is compromised. You need to figure out how your child found a date and what site helped him in finding a match.

Using BlurSPY- The Parental Control App

This app can help you if you are worried about your children. Install the spy app on your child’s phone. To download and install the app, you will have to access the phone. Everything else can be done remotely. You will be able to track your teen all day around, keep eyes on their activities and know their exact location at any moment of time.

The app comes with multiple features that make parenting an easy job. You can check the phone calls, text messages as well as the use of social media and ithe nternet. You can uninstall any harmful app remotely from the device of your child. The app also empowers you to block adult content on the device of your child so that they can do safe browsing.

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