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Birdwatching in Thailand is a fantastic pastime due to the country’s geographic location. Thailand’s position at the junction of Wallacea, Indochina and Himalayan foothills means that there is a wide variety of bird species to see and by traveling around the country it is possible to find over 400 species of birds in just 2 to 3 weeks.

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Whilst Thailand is an excellent country for independent travel due to its good infrastructure, friendly atmosphere and ubiquitous good food, many birdwatchers appreciate the company of an ornithologist who is familiar with the country, culture and language in order to help them find many of the most exciting bird species.

Day Trips:

There are a number of day trips that one can take from Bangkok which can provide an excellent day of birdwatching: Thailand birdwatching day trips. These day trips can be arranged for individuals or groups and are appropriate for all levels of birdwatchers.

For those in Bangkok with just a few days free or for birdwatchers travelling on to other parts of the country, these day trips are an excellent way of seeing some of Thailand’s best wetlands and the birds associated with them.

Suggested day trips from Bangkok include Laem Pak Bia/Pak Thale. This trip to one of Thailand’s best birdwatching locations is extremely popular with a good chance of finding Spoon-billed Sandpiper and Nordmann’s Greenshank on the salt pans and Pallas’s Gull, Malaysian Plover and the mysterious “White-Faced Plover” on the sand spit. These specialities are very exciting and with an afternoon spent in a variety of habitats a large number of species should be seen.

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Muang Boran fishponds and Bang Poo make for another excellent day tour with a selection of freshwater wetland species at Muang Boran whilst gulls and waders can be found at Bang Poo.

Longer Thailand Birdwatching Trips:

Longer trips can also be arranged to suit all types of birdwatchers. One of the most popular itineraries is to visit a couple of wetland sites near Bangkok then to move on to both Kaeng Krachan national park and then to Khao Yai. Both of these sites will provide an opportunity to see a wide range of forest specialists including pittas and hornbills.
From Khao Yai many birdwatchers like to move on to the north visiting Doi Inthanon, Doi Chiang Dao and Doi Ang Kang where a large number of high altitude specialists can be found.

Alternatively, from Bangkok birdwatchers can head south to Khao Sok, Krabi and Khao Nor Chu Chi to find some of the lowland Sundaic species that are now so rare. provides free information, maps, checklists and news on birdwatching in Thailand.

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