Best Rooftop Bars Bangkok – Thailand

A Guide to the Top Rooftop Bars Bangkok

How many cities in the world have more than Bangkok? None we know of. Here are the some of the best bars below you must visit on your next trip to Bangkok, Thailand.

1.Vertigo at Banyan Tree:
Sathorn – 61st Floor

Vertigo at Banyan Tree Bangkok

Walk a few steps and you’re at Moon Bar, which has a solid cocktail and wine menu and a small seating area. This alfresco bar-cum-restaurant is 61 floors above the bustling streets of Bangkok, overlooking a magnificent cityscape.It specializes in barbecued seafood, though it also grills a mean steak and has a good vegetarian menu.

2.Lebua: Sirocco/Breeze
Riverside – 63rd Floor

Sky Bar at lebua State Tower

You might recognize this place…Does Hangover II ring any bells? This is the famed rooftop where the men enjoyed a few and had a one off with a helicopter. Although you probably wont see any helicopters coming to close, the views are obviously amazing.

3.Octave Rooftop Bar:
Sukhumvit – 45th Floor

Octave Rooftop Bar bangkok

Its location on the 45th floor of the Bangkok Marriott Hotel Sukhumvit means, of course, the 360 degree views are stunning. But, this venue, in the same vein as Heaven, has more going for it that views.Octave Rooftop and Lounge is one of the famous roof bar in Bangkok for watching the sunset or having a romantic meal.

4.Red Sky, Centaral Grand at Central World:
Siam – 55th Floor:

Red Sky, Centaral Grand at Central World bangkok

Red Sky is more of a dining venue than a spot for enjoying sundowners over the city so, if you want to win someone over to Bangkok, this spot has it all; the views, the wine list as long as your arm, the world class comfort food and both indoor and outdoor seating. If you visit Bangkok, chances are you will end up shopping in the Siam area, where the largest and most trendy shopping malls of Bangkok.

5.Park Society at Sofitel So (Getting there – MRT: Lumpini)
Lumpini Park – 24th floor

Park Society Rooftop bar bangkok

This new rooftop bar stands out because it offers a different view of Bangkok. Overlooking Lumpini Park, this view is more romantic than most. The bright lights of Bangkok’s business district contrast with the leafy greenery of the open space 24 floor below; it really confirms how magnificent the city can be as the sun goes down.

Although they have plenty of their own creatively mixed drinks here, I usually go for a ‘Clover Club’ cocktail, a syrupy blend of gin, grenadine, lemon, and Egg White. Thai celebrities have been known to frequent the Hi-So cabanas at Park Society, but even after a couple of years studying Bangkok gossip magazines, I can only recognise them from the screaming crowds with camera phones.

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