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Great Bangkok Hotels Near The Hottest Nightlife

To get the most out of Bangkok’s nightlife it is best to stay in a hotel near the clubs, bars and establishments that make the city famous or infamous as some would say. There are many hotels in the city fit for almost every type of budget. So whether you want to spend a little or live it up in the Big Mango you will find in this lens hotel reviews from me and also from fellow travelers who reserved their rooms here on this website.

3 Things You Should Know Before You Plan

1) Always book your hotels ahead of time. Booking at the airport or anywhere else within Thailand upon arrival could cost you 20% – 30% more. Best rates are during the low season between March and September. But don’t worry, even during high season the rates are still good and sometimes you might find a good deal.

2) Each of these hotels are close to either the BTS Sky Train (Bangkok’s elevated train system) or the MRT (Bangkok’s underground train system). These two modes of transportation are highly recommended for getting around the commercial areas of the city and will take you to 70% – 80% of the main attractions in Bangkok. It is fast, cheap and most importantly air conditioned. The hours of operation start 6am and service ends at midnight.


New York’s Well-known Searching Districts :

2) Keep in mind, depending on the establishment, clubs and go-go bars in Bangkok have 1am or 2am closing times and are strictly enforced by police. You’ll know the party is over when the music stops and the party lights go off. There are clubs that close at 4am, but these are illegal and might be subjected to a police raid. As a tourist, most likely you will not get into trouble, but why take the risk. But one after hours club that is very popular in central Bangkok is Club Climax located right in the Ambassador Hotel Bangkok.

1. Majestic Grande Sukhumvit Hotel

Majestic Grande Sukhumvit Hotel

The Majestic Grande hotel in Bangkok is located slightly off the main avenue of Sukhumvit, a very major roadway flanked with a mix of Thai and foreign restaurants, commercial buildings and department stores. This is a major advantage to any tourist as their put right up front to one of the busiest neighborhoods in Bangkok.

I stayed in the Majestic Grande a few months after it first opened its doors, when the prices were half of what it is today for a deluxe room. I’d still pay the rate they charge today as this hotel is excellent and the location is strategic for exploring the city. The service is attentive with friendly staff whom I found very easy to communicate with.

I normally stay in the Grande Superior room whenever I’m alone, but if I’m with my girlfriend I book the Grande Deluxe because it’s bigger. The rooms have nice flat screen TVs with central room control right at your fingertips by the bedside. The rooms are really nicely decorated, very modern which I like.

If you’re planning to stay here I hope you’re not a swim fan because the pool is tiny and there are a few sunbeds available for lounging. There is also a very small fitness center with a few modern equipment for a good cardiac workout.

The buffet breakfast is also top notch with so many choices of international cuisines to choose from. They even have dinner specials leftover from the night before and they’ll just lump it together with the breakfast buffet. I highly recommend the Majestic Grande Sukhumvit for a very enjoyable stay. More

commercial destination spots.

Nightlife Hotspots:

Climax Club
Nana Entertainment Plaza
Soi Cowboy
Q Bar
Bed Supperclub

2. The Dawin Bangkok Hotel

Dawin Bangkok Hotel

The Dawin hotel is brand new. Which means that there may be a little bit of service kinks due to the inexperience of new staff. With that slight problem aside this hotel is a great deal especially because you are so near the hub activity of Nana Entertainment Plaza. Don’t even bother staying at the Nana Hotel across the street, it’s a old run down hotel. Trust me.

There’s also a lot of beer bars and snooker clubs you can check out in the vicinity. There’s just so much to do and see in this area that you don’t even really have to go out that far. But if you do feel the urge of venturing out you’re in luck as the Nana BTS station is just a short 5 minute walk. So if you want to check out some great department stores such as Siam Paragon and the Emporium, the BTS will take you either way in about 10 to 15 minutes. No need to take a taxi at all since the roads in the surrounding area is usually jammed with traffic.

Since the Dawin Hotel in Bangkok was built in 2008 the furnishings in the rooms are still immaculate. The bed’s a little firm for my taste but it’s something I’m use to while staying in Bangkok. I like the modern design of the rooms, very fresh and clean looking. I’ve never stayed in the superior rooms but I know that the standard rooms are a little bit small, yet comfy. More

Nightlife Hot spots:
Climax Club
Nana Entertainment Plaza
Soi Cowboy
Q Bar
Bed Supperclub

3.Grand President Bangkok

Grand President Bangkok


This is another great hotel with a really good price. It’s clean and most importantly in a really good location. If you like swimming then this is the right place for you. There are 3 swimming pools which is unheard of in a hotel in the middle of a city.

To me there is unusually friendly service here in this hotel and housekeeping staff is the hardest working bunch I’ve ever seen.
You can easily get around to the other areas in Bangkok from the sky train at Nana BTS station which is about 5 minute walk onto Sukhumvit road. You can also catch the subway at Asoke MRT station which is a 5 – 10 minute walk in the other direction. These modes of transportation will easily take you to other commercial areas such as Siam Paragon, Siam Square and Emporium, as well as the other nightlife hot spots. There are a lot of other entertainment hot spots around this hotel to keep you busy.

There are four different room categories in the Grand President Bangkok, the one I stay all the time is the Opal Studio. The rooms are slightly larger then average in Bangkok which I like. Furniture such as the bed is well kept even though the hotel is a bit older. There is no carpet in these room which I actually like because it makes the room cleaner and cooler. More

I highly recommend you stay here because the location and price is just right.

Nightlife Hot Spots:
Climax Club
Nana Entertainment Plaza
Soi Cowboy
Q Bar
Bed Supperclub

4. Montien Hotel in Bangkok Review

Montien Hotel Bangkok, Bangkok


This is a very attractive hotel rate because the Montien Hotel has good rooms, great service and most importantly a fantastic location. If you’re in Bangkok to solely visit Patpong and its nightlife entertainment venues then this is the place for you. There is just so many bars, clubs and go-go bars around you that every night you won’t be bored. All within just less then a block away.

And if you’re into shopping then you’ll also enjoy Patpong Night Market which is right in middle of the street between the bars and clubs. Lots of counterfeit goods can be bought here but you have to bargain as the prices are higher here. Stay away from the fake watches especially Rolex please. Your friends can tell it’s not real.

If you want to venture further out it’s no problem at all, you can easily reach the Sky Train at Sala Daeng BTS station by foot in about 5 to 10 minutes. The underground subway can be taken at Silom MRT station, also a 5 to 10 minute walk.

To be honest the rooms at the Montien Hotel in Bangkok are a little bit dated. But the hotel’s management and housekeeping staff are top notch so the hotel is extremely well maintained. The hotel facilities are very good as well, some great restaurants (although I prefer to eat outside) a beautiful pool and nice fitness center. Overall I’m sure if you stay here at the Montien Hotel in Bangkok you’ll have a great time. More

Nightlife Hotspots:
Patpong Red Light District

5. Royal Benja Hotel

Royal Benja Hotel, Bangkok


The Royal Benja Hotel is a pretty popular hotel in Bangkok located on Nana. Of all the hotels I’ve stayed in this one gets the most mixed reviews. From my experience I’ve never had any serious problems with my room. But a few times my friend’s room had faulty air condition and water stained carpet. So I told him to ask for a room change. I think I’ve never had a problem because reception remembers me from previous stays.

Here’s a tip: Whenever you ask for a room change, dress as sharp as possible, meaning no shorts, tank tops and flip flops. If possible wear clean button down shirt, suit pants and shoes. I know it sucks, but Thai society is based on social order, hence the better you are dressed the better treatment you’ll receive.

There are only standard rooms available in the Royal Benja Hotel with varying bed sizes. The furniture inside has some sign of age, the usual wear and tear but nothing really to complain about. The bathrooms are clean and I find that the maid service is very helpful contrary to some reviews. There aren’t too many room amenities, but if you’re just looking for a comfortable place to stay in a great location then this is the place for you.

With that said, the Royal Benja Hotel is a really nice hotel in a very good location in Nana Soi 4. You’re not too far from Nana Entertainment Plaza and just a 10 minute walk to Nana BTS Station. More

Nightlife Hotspots:
Climax Club
Nana Entertainment Plaza
Soi Cowboy
Q Bar
Bed Supperclub

6. The Emerald Hotel in Bangkok Review

The Emerald Hotel Bangkok, Bangkok


There are a whole bunch of nightlife options available in Bangkok. The Emerald Hotel is right in the middle of a long stretch of road called Ratchadapidesek, also famous for the proximity to massage parlors that cater to men. So if you’re looking for massage parlor action this is a great hotel for you to stay in since most can be reached just by walking. The bars and clubs that are in the surrounding area cater mostly to Thais, however foreigners are always welcome.

Their is a large group of bars and clubs or pubs as the Thais call them located on Ratchada Soi 4. There is a very big club venue called Hollywoods with live music and dancing girls. The closes subway stop is the Thailand Cultural Center MRT station. Most of the crowd that hang there are young in the lower 20’s age range who go listen to live music. It’s a cool place in my opinion to just hang back, relax and watch people get plastered.

The location of the Emerald Hotel in Bangkok is a bit far off from the center of the city, but no worries, the Huay Kwang MRT station is really close by and it’ll get you to the other main attractions in Bangkok quickly.

The rooms here in the Emerald Hotel are very clean and well taken care of by housekeeping. This hotel is quite popular with weddings which says a lot about the class of this hotel. Don’t worry even though there are a lot of massage parlors outside the area is very clean.
The hotel is very big with lots of hotel facilities that you wouldn’t find in a hotel at the center of Bangkok. This is hotel is worth visiting and a great option. Read

7. Siam Heritage Boutique Suites


The Siam Heritage Boutique Suites, Bangkok

The Siam Heritage Boutique Suites in Bangkok is like an oasis in the middle of the desert. Really, I’m not kidding as this hotel property is literally just a 3 minute walk away from the seedy go-go bars and jam packed Patpong Night Market. This area can get really crowded. But I still like it and I always recommend my friends to stay here for fun.

Don’t worry, if you’ve never been to Bangkok’s red light zones, it’s quite safe with lots of police. You might even be quite surprised about how many foreign families and old folks are seen wandering around, taking curious peeks at hordes of bikini clad woman shuffling to hip hop beats.

Right in the middle of Patpong’s go-go bars and clubs is the often packed Patpong Night Market. You can find many brand name counterfeit goods like clothing, bags, silver jewelery and watches. Stay away from the fake Rolex, honestly it’s not worth the $30 USD, even if it’s for $5 USD you shouldn’t bother.

You can’t tell from the outside of the Siam Heritage Boutique, but there are a wide assortments of room configurations from studios to two bedroom suites. However, the rooms are still quite small. I normally stay in the studio rooms and it is very clean and well maintained. It has a lot of decent amenities, the one I enjoy the most is the broadband Internet access.

The nearest train is Sala Daeng BTS Station about 5 to 10 minute walk. There is also a the Silom MRT Station in the same direction about 15 minute walk. Both of these trains gives you access to a large part of the main tourist stops such as Siam Paragon, Central World and the Emporium. It’ll also get you to other nightlife hotspots such as Nana Entertainment Plaza and Soi Cowboy Read

8. Ambassador Hotel Bangkok

The Ambassador Hotel, Bangkok


The Ambassador Hotel Bangkok is a huge property due to it’s capability to accommodate 2000 convention guests. The ground floor is full of shops and restaurants (albeit quite expensive) is worth checking.

The Ambassador Hotel Bangkok Thailand boasts more than 1000 spacious guestrooms and suites featuring modern appointments catering to commercial travelers or those seeking a relaxing vacation. There are three sections to this hotel with different room categories, the tower wing, main wing and executive wing. I normally stay at the tower wing and I find everything acceptable. The last time I was here, this hotel was under renovations and I’ve noticed the price jumped up $10 USD.

Check out the Climax Club in the parking basement. They have some great music and a place to get plastered.

This is a pretty good place to stay in Bangkok if you enjoy the nightlife action. You just have to check it out to see for yourself. The nearest train is the Nana BTS Station which will take you to a lot of the commercial zones like Siam where you’ll find Siam Paragon, Siam Square and MBK. There are a lot of restaurants bars and clubs around the Ambassador Hotel Bangkok. Food and drink cost a bit higher around this area since it caters to mostly foreigners. All in all a pretty good hotel to stay in. More

Nightlife Hotspots:
Climax Club (in basement)
Nana Entertainment Plaza
Soi Cowboy
Q Bar
Bed Supperclub

9. Citi Chic Boutique Suites

itichic by iCheck Inn, Bangkok

If you want to be near all the modern and ultra cool clubs and bars then the Citi Chic Boutique Suites in Bangkok is the right joint for your stay. This is hotel, however small, is still able to provide my friends who stayed here a really cool atmosphere. I recommend this place to a good buddy of mine and he booked a deluxe terrace room. Since he was a smoker the terrace was a welcoming sight for him.

At first look inside I thought I was in a hotel taken straight of Holland or Switzerland. There really is no hint that you’re in a hotel in Thailand. Not that it’s a big problem as the rooms were very clean and have modern amenities and furniture. There’s one thing I only notice in Thailand is that many hotel bathrooms have see through windows from your bed. I guess it helps put you in the mood whenever you want to watch your mate take a shower. There is a curtain to cover the window but it just makes you think if this hotel was designed to put couples in the mood.

The Citi Chic is about a 10 minute walk to the Nana BTS station but they provide their guest with a free tuk tuk ride. This hotel is pretty close to some really nice places to chill out yet far enough for some really nice peace and quiet. More

Nightlife Hotspots:
Climax Club
Nana Entertainment Plaza
Soi Cowboy
Q Bar
Bed Supperclub

10. Bally’s Studio Suite Silom in Bangkok Review

D Varee Diva Bally Silom, Bangkok

I’m a real big fan of this hotels location as well as the great areas to hang out around. There’s so many great restaurants and watering holes to just eat and people watch. The Bally’s Studio Silom is located on Silom Road, a major thoroughfare with a part of the BTS tracks running above and just a block away you have access to the MRT subway.

After staying in Bangkok for so long and eating traditional Thai food day in and day out sometimes it’s good to just dig into a good old fashion burger. Lucky for me there’s a Burger King directly downstairs and a McDonald’s just yards away. Need your Starbucks fix? There’s 2 of them just footsteps away.

Lumphini Park is just across the road and about 20 minutes away is Suan Luam Night Bazaar by foot. Check out their huge beer garden and food court with live music. There’s just so much to do around this hotel’s neighborhood it’s great.

Want to explore Bangkok some more? No problem since the Silom MRT and Sala Daeng BTS stations is just minutes away from the door steps of this hotel. The BTS train system can take you to Siam Paragon, MBK as well as the other nightlife hot spots in Bangkok.

The rooms here are small, not claustrophobic small so don’t worry. The suite rooms are a little bigger so you may want to upgrade. To me the standard rooms are comfortable enough. The furniture inside is new since this hotel is just a few years old. Because of the size of the hotel there’s no pool and gym. But all in all it’s a nice place to stay especially since the price is very affordable.

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