A Day Trip to Mollem National Park, Goa

Goa is generally known for its pristine beaches and alluring nightlife. The beauty of the place is so mystique that when you think that you have known everything about this place, you would face something new and amazing about this place. Coronating the crown of India Tourism, people love to enjoy your Goa tourism.

We have talked about the Goa beaches, things to do in Goa and Goa tourist attractions, but what else Goa is known for, it’s the rich wildlife of Goa that makes the place more enchanting. So let us discuss about one of the most amazing and plush wildlife reserves in Goa and the name is Mollem National Park. 

About Mollem National Park

Beautifully nestled in the Mollem district of Goa, this national park is an offbeat tourist attraction which is spread over240 sq km of area on the Western Ghats. Being located near Karnataka, make this national park more interesting. The place was called Mollem Game Sanctuary earlier. Later in 1969 the place has converted into the wildlife sanctuary. The interesting thing about this park is that the core region of this park (107 sq km) is renamed as the Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary and remaining is still called Mollem National Park since 1978. The park also house many tourist attractions in the forms of temples which dated back to the period of Kadamba Dynasty. 

The Flora and Fauna of Mollem National Park

The place houses with some of the most exotic species of flora and fauna, watching which will be pleasing experience for you. The vegetation that are found here are also amazing and is filled with three types of major vegetation such as West Coast Semi – Evergreen Forests, West Coast Tropical Evergreen Forests and Moist Deciduous Forests. Wild animals such as leopards, mouse deer, wild boar, civet, flying squirrels, pangolin and many more can be found here which can be called the treasure of Mollem National Park.

There are several species of birds in Mollem National Park that includes great Indian hornbill, drongo, golden oriole, fairy bluebird and many more. With that what adds values to your Wildlife tour package is the presence of vivid species of butterflies that includes lime butterfly, plain tiger, Tailed Jay and Crimson Rose are just to name a few. Different kinds of snakes such as King Cobra andMalabar Pit Viper makes your tour more thrilling.

Things To Do in Mollem National Park

The major attraction of this park is wildlife excursion. Jungle safari in Mollem National Park is famous for trekking trails. Unlike other national parks, here the vehicles are allowed inside the reserve which makes easy your wildlife safari.

There are many tourist attractions in Mollem Natioanl Parkwhich are having their own importance in Goa tourism. You can visit places such Tambadi Surla Temple, Sunset Point, Devil’s Canyon and Tambadi Waterfalls.

Some Quick Facts About Mollem National Park

  1. For travellers, the best time to visit Mollem National Park is in between the month of October to March
  2. The Visiting Timings is in between 8 Am to 5 Pm.
  3. The Entry Fee Details are as follows – INR 20 for Adults

INR 5 for kids

INR 30 for Still Camera

INR 150 for Video Camera

INR 120 for Car Riding

INR 250 for Vans

There is a plethora of hotels in Goa; travellers can opt for n numbers of accommodation options which are available from plush property to pocket friendly budget property.

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