8 Tips To Travel The World For Cheap

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Some individuals dream of traveling the world from the time they are quite young, however, the standard belief is that seeing the world will be out of your reach financially. This is not entirely true. There are many ways to travel on a budget and allow for the average Joe to be able to see the world as inexpensively as possible.

1. Volunteer

That’s right. Volunteer for a good cause! Whether you are using your time to help out with a natural disaster, or helping to build a school in a developing country, you will have the opportunity to see various foreign countries while donating your time to others for a great cause. There’s certainly no shortage on needed volunteers and causes that could greatly use and appreciate your help.

2. Work on a Cruise Ship

Getting a job on an overseas cruise ship will allow you to make a decent income, while getting the chance to travel. You may not have the luxury of sightseeing on a whim, but will still get to enjoy seeing many of the sights on your off-duty time.

New York’s Well-known Searching Districts :

3. House Swap

Take a few months away and swap homes with another family. While they live in your home and you in theirs, you can spend as much time as you need exploring the country and near by regions of the home you have taken up residence in. House swapping websites provide the information you’ll need to determine if this is an ideal travel option for you.


The World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF) is a great way to see other countries around the world. Farmers will exchange food and board, for your helping hand with their agriculture. You can contact the WWOOF office in the country you are looking to visit, in order to apply for the program.

5. Stay at a Hostel

Once you arrive in the destination or foreign country, don’t spend a fortune on luxurious hotels and accommodations when you can pay a minimal amount to stay at a hostel. You can try hostels.com for comparing prices and booking your stay. You may even meet other travelers of similar interests and get to share rides to different attractions and activities, saving you money on local transportation as well.

6. Try to Fly Smart

Don’t settle for the first flight you see. Research by comparing and contrasting other flights through the many various travel sites on the web. Budget airlines are a great way to fly for less. The accommodations may be limited, but will still get you to the destined location you so desired. Opening certain credit cards are great for receiving free points that may cover travel plans after using the card a certain amount of times or by reaching a specific dollar amount.

7. Purchase Groceries

Even though many countries around the world offer street food and even restaurants with low-cost options, it is still wiser in the long run to grocery shop and make your own food. You’ll save money overall and will be able to set a budget amount for sustenance ahead of time.

8. Stay Flexible

You may find it ideal to set out all of your travel plans prior to landing in country, but sometimes you will find small money saving options by staying flexible. Perhaps fellow travelers that you meet along the way will invite you along on an unplanned adventure. Taking them up on their offer could lead you to seeing something you may not have at little to no cost as well as potentially creating lifelong friendships.

Also, check public transportation and take unexpected tourist stops and destinations as they come. Being flexible with yours plans can save cash over time and lead to added site-seeing experiences.

Following these tips and any others that you may encounter could allow your travel dreams of seeing the world come true. Traveling isn’t just for the wealthy, it can be achievable for anyone with the proper planning and tweaking of typical habits. Bon voyage!

Craig has traveled to some amazing places in his life time, from Australia to Africa. He is a techie who loves reviewing phone apps but also enjoys talking about traveling and volunteering. You can follow him on Twitter.

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