7 dangerous adventure sports that will get your heart racing

A spark of adrenaline is occasionally needed to revive our minds from an exhausting and dull day at work. So, if extreme sports are your forte, you can get off your chair and try some. Extreme sports can be terrifying yet thrilling at the same time. The possible outcomes for these sports are comas, broken bones, and sometimes even death. To avoid this, training and extra caution are mandatory.

Sports are the best form of exercise and a cause of entertainment. Trekking, parasailing, and football are a few of them that you must have tried and is not a big deal. Here are the 7 most exceedingly dangerous sports, that will make you long for more. But let me warn you, take extra precautions. If you are faint-hearted, these sports are not for you!

1. Cave diving:

Plunging into mysterious deep waters sounds exciting. As fun as it seems, it is hazardous if you forget your way up to the surface. This sport involves diving into deep caves, submerged in the seas. Cave diving is mainly done for scientific navigation or to search for lost divers! If the depth ‘doesn’t alarm you, problems with visibility will. It is a risky venture, but who knows what you will find 1000 feet under the water? If cave diving interests you, check out the beginners’ guide to cave diving.

2.Base jumping:

This sport is highly daring and electrifying, where you must jump off a cliff, a building or any tall structure. The “BASE” here stands for building, antenna, span, and earth. These are all high grounds from which you must jump. You’re just given a parachute, that you must open at a lower altitude. Hence, it’s more perilous than skydiving! Pick a high cliff or a mountain, and fall freely, only opening your parachute a few seconds before you hit the ground


It is a group activity, which tests one’s bravery, stamina, and strength. The group members are your support team, and it is an expedition to reach the peak of the mountain. When you reach, it gives immense satisfaction, physically and spiritually. Mountaineering mostly refers to climbing the highest peaks, in extreme weather conditions. Therefore, do not attempt this without training. It involves physical injuries such as frostbites, broken bones and twisted ankles.

4.White water kayaking:

What’s better than racing on the road? Racing in the high currents of water, of course! Participants use an inflatable raft to navigate through the waters. If you want to live on the edge, this sport is intended for you. Some trials the participants face are the gigantic rocks they could hit or a change in the current. But it doesn’t stop people to have a bit of adventure! You can accommodate the inflatable raft on a roof rack such as the discovery 4 roof rack. It is a complete storage solution for your sports utility vehicle.


A Downhill skiing competition is held wherein the skiers slide down a snowy mountain or a hill at high speeds. The ski boards have boots securely attached to them. Be careful, hurdles are waiting for you. Trees, branches, and rocks can come in the way of skiers, but severe injury rarely occurs. Skiing is also a competitive winter sport.

6.Bungee jumping:

You have to jump off a ledge into the open air, having an elastic cord tied around your legs. The rope is like a spring that oscillates up and down until it stops. Generally, it involves jumping from a fixed structure. For a more exhilarating experience, some folks even jump from a moving helicopter or a hot air balloon!

7.Big wave surfing:

Try this only if you know how to surf. The waves go up to 20 feet high, and recurring threats are shark bites and drowning. There are surfing competitions held where the surfer gets a reward of a million dollars or more if he succeeds surfing in waves that go up to 100 feet!

A person needs proper training before they attempt to try these. Apart from these 7 sports, there are countless other dangerous games out there, which result in lethal injuries if you don’t possess the skills.

It is in human nature to search for missions that can test them. If you are an “adrenaline junkie”, these sports are meant for you. It will lift your self-confidence and give you a sense of freedom. These are some experiences that you will never forget. So, pack your bags and prepare for a quest of a lifetime!




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