5 tips for planning a family-friendly vacation in Europe

5 tips for planning a family-friendly vacation in Europe

You’re going on a vacation and you’re bringing the whole family along? Europe is the perfect destination for that, with its numerous cultures and amazing opportunities. You can see amazing sights, taste incredible food, learn a whole lot and enjoy some fantastic feats of nature along the way. However, precisely because of Europe’s diversity, it is very much advisable to do some planning before you come and visit, just to make sure you get the most out of your time on the continent. So here are five best tips for planning a family-friendly vacation in Europe.

Book fantastic accommodation

If you’re coming to Europe with the whole family, you need a place everyone can enjoy, kids and adults alike. You will also likely want some peace and quiet, not a place in the middle of a bustling city. It’s much easier to relax this way, which is something you’re definitely going to need if your kids are still small, not to mention that it’s much easier to keep an eye on the little ones. Imagine a villa with a pool (the kids are sure to love it), for example, in a calm picturesque region, surrounded maybe by pine and/or olive trees and filled with the song of crickets. Villsy.com specializes in just that kind of accommodation, so check out what they have to offer and pick the perfect place to relax and unwind.

Istria offers you beautiful nature, old olive trees and even older historic towns. If you decide to go to Istria, Poreč is a city worth visiting. In addition, you can book a villa with a pool for an even more pleasant holiday.

Research the place you’re visiting

There are many different countries in Europe, and not all of them function the same. It is true that the European Union covers most of the continent, but there are still plenty of countries outside of it. This applies to predominantly eastern European countries, but if you’re traveling to the UK, you will definitely want to check how things stand there, given that the country is currently in the process of leaving the Union.

Furthermore, you may want to research how to get around the region you’re visiting, primarily so that you can afford yourself some excellent day trips that will add extra flavor to your trip. There are plenty of intriguing sights pretty much wherever you go, so you would do well to inform yourself and make a list of things you want to see and experience.

Help the kids learn about the destination

Point out to your children what some of the main sights or cultural features are and try to connect that with things they know or they saw on TV. For example, if you’re heading to Dubrovnik, Croatia, show them all the places from the Game of Thrones in the city if they’re a fan of the show. Or tell them a few things about Italian cuisine if you’re visiting that particular country.

You can also give them the task of preparing themselves for all the sights they are going to see. Maybe give them an interesting book to read that is somehow connected to the place you’re going to, help them learn a few basic phrases in the local language and stuff like that. You’d be surprised how eager kids can be about these things when they know they are about to put their knowledge into practice soon.

Don’t rush things

Although it may be tempting, don’t try to squeeze as many countries or cities as possible into a single trip. That way, you won’t get to feel the real vibe of the place and soak everything in, and the children will miss an incredible opportunity to learn and expand their horizons. Take things slowly and allow yourselves plenty of time to explore a location and create some sort of a routine. Then you can start exploring all the places that are not necessarily related to the main sights but that can still be incredibly interesting.
Kids need to have fun, so you can’t just run around from one major sight to another and expect them not to complain. Besides, stacking destinations on top of each other during a trip like this can be extremely exhausting. You’re on a vacation here, so do everything you can to make sure everyone has plenty of fun and that they create memories that will last them a lifetime.

Skip the lines

When you’re traveling with children, standing in long lines can be particularly challenging, especially with younger children. So, when planning your trip, check how long the lines for each attraction are and if there is a way to skip them. It is possible that for some things you can buy tickets that help you get in faster, but in some cases just buying them online will do the trick. Make the most of what modern technology has to offer because you probably don’t want to be stuck in a line with a cranky toddler throwing a tantrum because they’ve been waiting for too long.

Additionally, some places may even require you to pre-book, or perhaps they have specially designated time slots during which you can enter, so planning these things out and sorting everything online can be a lifesaver.

BIO: Hi, my name is Marko Domljanović and I’m a passionate traveler, a dog-lover and quite a foodie. I’ve traveled pretty much across the whole Europe and would be delighted to give you a tip or two on where to go and what to visit. That’s why I’ve been working with Villsy.com for a while – to help people find the perfect accommodation when visiting my home country. Traveling is such an awesome thing to do because it brings you closer to people from so many different cultures, plus you get to try unique tasty snacks and dishes along the way, too. So do it whenever you can and your life will be so much richer.

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