5 best places to get free ebooks for Kindle, Nook, and other ereaders

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Before any long trip, I load up my Kindle with ebooks that I can read on a flight or during down time. I can go through one or two books a day, so if I were to purchase all new ebooks through Amazon or Barnes & Noble, the cost will add up, fast.

That’s when I discovered the great thing about having an ereader – there are LOADS of free ebooks out there. Some of them are pretty terrible or cheesy, but there are also great classics or quirky stories that are godsends to a reader and a reader’s budget.

My favorite resource for free (or really cheap) ebooks are:

Project Gutenberg: Gutenberg carries 42,000 free ebooks, ranging from out-of-copyright books to self-published works. You can check out the most downloaded books or search alphabetically or by release dates. As a big Sherlock Holmes fan, I was almost beside myself with joy when I saw all the Sherlock titles I’d have access to.

New York’s Well-known Searching Districts :

Barnes & Noble free Nook books: Whenever I see all the books available on Barnes & Noble’s website for Nook users, I kind of wish I had a Nook as well.

Manybooks.net: This site has over 29,000 ebooks, and you can search through their recent additions with a genre filter.

Amazon Daily Deals Kindle ebooks: These ebooks cost $0.99 to $1.99. Not free, but they are cheap enough that if I get something that I don’t turn out to like, I’m not heartbroken over it.

One Hundred Free Books: This site handpicks and recommends free Kindle ebooks. It’s a great way to discover free ebooks without combing through thousands of them on Amazon.com.

Speaking of personal technology, I have a laptop, a netbook, my Kindle ereader, and my smartphone. I have to say that while everything else is for both work and play, my Kindle ereader is the only piece of personal technology that is purely for pleasure, and not business. I am so glad I have it – it has allowed me to remember how much I love reading. The new Kindle Paperwhite is very enticing, but I’d like to stick with my older Kindle Touch (purchased November 2011) for a few more years.
Share your favorite places for free or cheap ebooks! And has anyone traded up to the Kindle Paperwhite from a Kindle Touch?

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